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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Visit to Historical Place

Monday, August 31, 2009 - 26 Comments

Pakistan is full of historical buildings. They present the picture of glorious past. I had an opportunity to visit historical city of Thatta during last summer vacations.

During my stay at Thatta I visited famous Shah Jahan Mosque. It was built during the reign of just Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 17th century.

The mosque is an example of Mughal architecture and art. Whole the building is built of red stones and bricks. There is also work of colourful local tiles. When I entered the mosque I was impressed with its architectural beauty. It is a beautiful model of Muslim Engineering and Architecture. There is proper arrangement of light without electricity. There is natural system of air-conditioning and there is auto-echo system in the building and there is no need of loud speakers during Aazan, sermon or saying prayers.

In short it is the best example of Mughal art, architecture and engineering.

The Picnic

Last Sunday we sent on a picnic at the Rice Canal. We went there on our bikes. We took with us baskets full of fruits, sweets and meal. We set out early in the morning and reached the bank of Rice Canal at about 8:00 am. We placed our things under a shady tree. Some of us began to play badminton, others played cards or chess or ludo. Some boys brought with them cassette players and played popular music. The boys, who knew swimming, took off their clothes and began to swim in the canal. Some boys brought hook and feed for fish. They started fishing. When all of us became tired, we sat under trees for taking rest. After taking some rest we took our meal. After meal our friends prepared tea. We enjoyed it during chit chat. After tea we started poetry and song competition and enjoyed very much. Now it was 4:00 pm we returned home tired but happy.

Morning Walk

Morning is the most suitable for going out for a walk. Air is cool and bracing. The atmosphere is clean, quite and free from dust I get up an hour before sunrise and go out for a walk to Public Park. On the way to park I find streets deserted. There seems calm and quite every where. The public park is about one kilo metre from my residence. When I reach the park I breathe fresh and pure air and hear the sweet chirping of birds. Many people come there in the morning. Some take exercise, some say their prayers and some walk here and there.

I say my morning prayer there. After prayer I take some light exercise and make some jogging. I enjoy every minute of morning walk. During morning walk I enjoy the beauty of nature. The scene of rising sun is very attractive. The dew drops shine like pearls in the golden rays of the sun. I return home with fresh mind. A morning walk is indeed like a pleasure trip. It makes me active and cheerful throughout the day. I feel very dull when I miss the morning walk. It is useful for all whether old or young. It is essential for healthy mind and healthy body.

A Road Accident

Road accidents are almost of daily occurrence. The result is the loss of human lives. These occurrences are the result of carelessness and rash driving. A few days ago a sad event happened before my eyes. The accident was due to rash driving. The owner of car was driving him self. He appeared to be in hurry. All of a sudden a calf appeared on the road from a side street. The driver tried to save the calf but lose control over steering. The car struck against an electric pole. The car driver received cut in the head and it was bleeding profusely. The car was badly damaged. A huge crowd gathered at the spot of accident. The police was informed by some one. The police men arrived. They called the ambulance. The injured was taken to hospital for the treatment. The police party recorded the statements of the shopkeepers and other persons who were present at the cite of accident. Fortunately the driver was safe after first and he was relieved from the hospital after half an hour. Thanks to God there was no loss of life.

My Favourite Game

Games play a very important role in a student’s life. There are various games which interest different people. The game which interests me most is cricket.

I like this game because I find it to be one of most healthy out door games. It is also team game and result depends upon the combined efforts of all the players of the team. I have learnt valuable qualities of co-operation and team spirit. It also creates the quality of discipline because every player is bound to obey the orders of one person that is captain. It also creates self confidence in a person because when one is batting on the crease he plays on his own.

A cricket player has to be strong. He has to be smart and quick too. It is one of the very few games which cultivate many good qualities in a player at the same time. This is why cricket is my favourite game.

I have always taken a keen interest in the game and played several matches with other teams. I have an ambition to be great cricketer and one day I want to represent my country at international level.

Cricket Match

A cricket match is always interesting whether it is played international level or national level or at low level every body is interested in this game.

A very interesting and exciting cricket match was played on last Sunday between public school team and our schools in municipal stadium. Our team’s captain won the toss and decided to bat first. Aslam and Hamid opened the match with 25 runs. Aslam was caught in slips. After Aslam, Aamir joined Hamid. Both players played a steady game and runs came in slowly but surely. The second wicket fall at 60. Next two players did not contribute much. After same brisk play on the part of fifth and sixth wickets. The score card showed 100 runs for four wickets, the whole side was dismissed for 190. It was now lunch time.

After the lunch the play was resumed at 2:00 pm. First two players in over confidence played a bit loosely and were caught out one after the other. After them third players was run out. This made the game a bit exciting. But the fourth and fifth wicket carried score to 70 and whole the team was dismissed for 170. The game ended in favour of our school’s team. We won by 20 runs.

Foot Ball Match

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to watch a foot ball match between Green club and Blue club. At 9:00 am both teams entered the ground. Both teams were in their beautiful uniforms. At 9:15 am referee blew the whistle the play began. For long time no team scored goal. The players of Green club however began to press the opposite side. A few minutes before the interval captain of Green club made the goal on a penalty corner.

The game in the second half became exciting from the beginning. The Blue club equalled the goal after 15 minutes of second half. After the struggle of five minutes the Green Club made the second goal. After it Blue club’s players made furious attack on Green club’s goal but all in vain. The long whistle of the referee ended the match and Green club won the match by two to one. The supporters of Green club were overjoyed on the victory of their favourite team. They were clapping and dancing, their pleasure was worth seeing.

The Hockey Match

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to watch a hockey match between Larkana club and Sukkur Club’s hockey teams in Larkana Municipal Stadium. There large number of spectators came to watch the match. Right at 4.00 pm referee blew the whistle and play began. Centre forward of Larkana club pushed the ball towards the opposite end. The next moment he was running after it. It happened so swiftly that the opponents could not move before he had reached the “D”. The goal keeper tried his best but it was too late and the first goal was scored.

Once again the game started. Players of Sukkur club were more active this time, their entire forward managed to beat the Larkana club’s players, and equalled the goal at last minute of first half.

When the interval was over the game became tense and there was great excitement, Sukkur club’s players played a better game. Most of time the ball remained in Larkana club’s half. Time and again their captain reached Larkana club’s goal. Every time Larkana club’s goal keeper stood in his way and cleared the ball. In last moment Larkana club’s centre forward made effort and scored the goal and Larkana club came out victorious. All of the supporters of Larkana club were overjoyed and were clapping with pleasure.

The Lion

The lion is very strong animal. It is called the king of the jungle. It looks very grand and royal. It is found in forests of Africa and Asia. It is flesh eating animal. It kills and eats animals like deers, goats, cows and buffallows. It is a beast of prey. It hunts at night. It does not eat animals killed by others but it eat animals killed by it self.

The lion’s built is very strong. It has lot of hairs on neck called mane. It has two small eyes and two pointed ears. Lion has got very sharp and pointed teeth in order to kill the animal very well. It has a long bushy tail. It roars aloud. Its roar can be heard from distanced areas.

The lion is a noble, strong and intelligent. It is trained, and then used in circus. It is also kept in a zoo.

The lion is very dangerous animal, sometimes it attacks the travellers in forest. Its fat is used by Eastern classical doctors in medicines. Its bones are also used for many purposes.

The Camel

The Camel is a large animal of land. It is mostly found in desert area. Hence it is called ship of the desert. It has a clumsy body. It has a long neck with small head, four legs and short tail. It has a big hump on its back. It has padded feet which do not sink in the dry sand. It lives on grass and leaves of trees. It can eat thorny bushes also. It is very fond of dates. It stores food and water in its hump for future need. So it can travel three to five days without food and water.

There are two kinds of camel. One is Arabian and other is Bactrian. Arabian camels have one hump while Bactrian have two humps.

The camel is very useful animal. It is used for riding and carrying load in desert areas. It also draws carts with heavy load. The Muslims eat its flesh. Its skin is used to make shoes, belts and drums.

The Horse

The horse is a very useful animal. It is found in almost every country of the world. It is famous for its loyalty, speed and beauty. It has two ears, two shining eyes, one nose and mouth, four uncloven hoofs and a long bushy tail. It has long hair on neck also.

It eats grass, hay, grams etc. It is famous for its love for its master. In our country it draws carriages, carts and tangas. Horses are of different sizes. The small sized horsed are called ponies. They are generally found in hilly countries and are used as a beat of burden. In Europe and America horses are used for ploughing the fields. As the horse is very intelligent and faithful animal. It obeys the orders of its master. So it is trained to perform in circus also. Many stories are told about the faithfulness of the horse. It risks its life to save its master. It has a remarkable memory also. It never forgets the place which it has gone first.

There are many colours and kinds of the horse, such as red, black and white. The Arabian horse is the best kind of horse in the world. It is famous for its beauty and loyalty.

The Washer Man

Washer man is one of the useful members of the society. He is one of those whom every body needs. He does great service to the society. He washes dirty clothes and helps us to look clean and tidy.

The routine of a washer man is very simple. He goes from house to house and collects the dirty clothes of his patrons and comes home. Here he puts different marks on them. There he takes clothes to stream or river on the back of donkey or on donkey cart or on Suzuki pick up. Here he beats the clothes against a stone or wooden plank. He has to stand in knee deep water in winter. In summer the sun beams fall over his bare head and in winter cold water freezes his hands and legs. After washing the clothes he spreads them in the sun to dry. His wife and children also assist him in his work. In the evening he comes home with dried clothes. After taking super he presses the washed clothes, packs them in polythen bags. Then he makes separate bundles to be delivered at various houses.

The job of a washer man is not easy. He puts his efforts to bring lost shining to clothes. The washer man works very hard, but his earnings are very small.

The Police Man

The police man is an important Government official. He looks very active in his uniform, blue cap, black shirt and Khaki paints. He wears round his waist a leather belt with a steel plate bearing his number. He has short strong heavy stick and whistle. He is usually tall, strong and well-built.

All public servants the police man is perhaps the most useful. His chief duty is to keep law and order in the country. He also controls the traffic. He must find out the criminals and present them before court of justice in order to punish them. He has to work as watchman at night also in order to protect the life and property of people. He safeguards the interests of peaceful citizens. He is terror for criminals, but is helpful friend of law abiding citizens.

The duty of a police man is hard and dangerous, but he is low paid. He has to support his family with that little income. The Pakistani policeman is generally un-educated and does not behave well. Most of the people do not like him because he is often dishonest and accepts bribes. He is very hard up on the poor and innocent and often let the guilty go. So he is often source of trouble to peaceful citizens. He should be educated and honest. He should be polite and kind to people in trouble. But it is very necessary that he must be paid well and respected because he is the real guardian of law and order.

The Post Man

There are post offices all over the world. They make arrangements to deliver the mail to people. The person who delivers mail from house to house is called post man. The post man is an important public servant. He is found in every nook and corner of the country, whether it is a city or a town or a village.

The post man is called the messenger of good news. But sometimes he brings us sad news also. We always wait for him eagerly because he brings us letters, parcels and money orders. He has to work very hard. Rain or sunshine he must do his duty, but it is pity that he is low paid. He can hardly support his family with in his salary.

The post man wears a Khaki uniform. It consists of a turban, a coat and trousers. He wears a leather belt round his waist. A leather bag containing letters, money order, cash and small parcels hangs from his shoulder. He arranges them in order of houses and shops in his beat. Then he comes to the city and delivers those letters from house to house and shop to shop.

The post man’s life is not an easy one. He has to walk about 10 kilometres a day. He has to do his duty in all weathers. He enjoys a few holidays his work requires that he must be strong, active, punctual, and polite and knows to read well.

The post man is very useful person. He is an important part of the great system which enables people in all parts of the world to keep in touch with one another.

The Farmer

Pakistan is an agricultural country. The agriculture of our country depends upon farmer. The farmer is called back bone of our country.

The farmer is healthy and strong man, he leads a busy but simple life. He knows a few holidays in his life. He works very hard, so he is the model of patience. His simplicity is proverbial. From morning to evening we see him busy in his fields. At one time he ploughs the field at an other he is harvesting, weeding or watering. He patiently waits for the fruits of his labour.

Daily the farmer rises early in the morning, offers his prayers and then drives his cattle to the field. There he ploughs weeds and works. He takes his breakfast at nine in the field. He works till two. His wife or children bring his lunch at his fields. After having lunch he takes rest under shadowy tree for a while. In the afternoon he again gets busy at work. In the evening he carries bundle of grass on his head and returns home. He enjoys a simple but healthy meal and goes to Otaq in order to make chit chat with villagers. Then he goes to bed.

The farmer works very hard but he is mostly poor. His property consists of a team of bullocks, a cow or buffalo for milk, a plough and few acres of land. He feeds whole the nation but lives hand to mouth himself. He is always content what he gets as fruit of his hard work.

My Best Friend

A best friend is a gift of God. A best friend is a worthless asset of a person. A best friend is a sincere person on whom we can depend in the time of need. As it is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. A best friend is also source of happiness. I have also a best friend his name is X.Y.Z. He lives in my neighbour hood. He is my friend since we were studying in Primary school. We have studied together all these days. We spend most of time together in our studies and games. My best friend belongs to a very noble and rich family, but he is not proud of his father’s wealth or property. His parents are very cultured people. They love me very much whenever I go to their house. They consider me just like their son. Similarly my parents also love my friend very much.

My friend is very brilliant student. He always takes first position in class and I take second. We study with sense of competition without any tinge of jealousy. We also play together we both are considered to be the best players of cricket in our school.

He is smart and healthy fellow. He is smiling and promising boy. He is gentle and modest by nature. He has true spirit of friendship. He always says that friendship is like a fragrance, it should be spread.

Reading good books is his hobby we always exchange our books with each other. We often go for outing together. I am thankful to God who has bestowed me with gift of such sincere friend.

My Favourite Teacher / My Ideal Teacher

Teaching is a very noble profession, since ancient times teachers are highly respected in eastern societies. In fact teachers are pillars of a nation. They make future of a country bright by teaching the citizens of tomorrow. Ideal teacher scan produce a nation of cultured and disciplined people. Every student has ideal teacher or favourite teacher. I have met many teachers during my student life. I respect all of them very much. But in spite of my respects for all Mr. X.Y.Z is my most favourite teacher. I like him for his good qualities and vast knowledge.

He teaches us English. He is young man of thirty. He is highly qualified, learned and experienced teacher. He is a man of good habits. One can always see him in cheerful mood. He possesses a very impressive personality. He wears simple but neat clothes. His simplicity enhances his personality. He is very punctual and regular person. He keeps very strict discipline in the class.

He is true seeker of knowledge. He tries to teach us the virtues of truth, honesty and justice. He is highly impartial and never discriminates among students. He takes interest in our welfare. He knows that the cause of education can only be served in there is co-operation between the teacher and students. He tries to develop personal relations with students to know their difficulties and to help them in removing the same. He is an asst of our city. I am really proud of being his students.

Our School Library

A library is a huge collection of books on different subjects. Libraries are very essential for public as well as students. A school without a library can not inspire its students to seek higher knowledge, as the library is the treasure of knowledge. Both the teachers and students need a good library in order to keep their knowledge fresh and up to date. We are very fortunate in having a good library in our school. It is well stocked with books, magazines, periodicals etc. There are nearly 5,000 books on all subjects. All the books have been arranged in proper shelves and almirahs. The books have been arranged according to their subjects. Thus there is no difficult for the students in finding any book of their choice and get it issued. The library in our school is housed in a very spacious hall, which is kept very clean all the time.

The librarian of our school is also a thorough gentleman. He is well read person. He is always ready to help the students in finding the books they like. The students also have great respect and affection for him. All the students of the school have been issued library cards. Each student can get two books at a time. If a student does not return a book on the due date, then he has to pay a nominal fine of one rupee per book per day. There are many text books in library which are of great help to the poor students. All the students of our school are proud of our school library.

The Annual Inspection of My School

The Annual Inspection of our school took place on last Wednesday. Our Head Master had told us about the date of inspection a week before it, so we had enough time to make preparations. Students of each class tried their best to decorate the School. All the class rooms were white washed. The classes were decorated with beautiful pictures, charts and maps. Students completed their fair note books and got them signed and checked by the concerned subject teachers. The science hall, drawing hall, the school garden and pavements were decorated. The District Officer Secondary and Higher Secondary Education accompanied by the Head Masters and subject specialists of other schools reached our school at 10:00am. Our Head Master received them at the gate. The Head Master Incharge of the inspection distributed the subjects of the different classes among the Head Masters and subject specialist of other schools. All the members of inspection team inspected the classes and prepared inspection reports and presented them to District Officer. Last of all District Officer Education paid visit to each class. He found the classes well prepared. After it he wrote visiting note in visitor’s book. He then assembled all the teachers and discussed the problems of the school, after it the inspection team left the school.

My School / Our School

In study in Government High School It is one of the oldest schools of the city. It is situated in the centre of the city. My school is housed in the grand and beautiful building. My school has fifteen class rooms, a library, a science hall, a computer laboratory, a staff room, an office of the clerk and an office for the Head Master. All the rooms are airy and well ventilated. There is a beautiful park in the front of the main building, where students relax and pass their recess period.

All the class rooms of my school are decorated with pictures, maps and charts. There is a good library. The library has a good stock of books, some of the books are very interesting.

There are fifty five teachers of different cadres in my school. All of them are hard working and trained hands. Our Head Master is efficient, hard working and kind. He is very popular among the staff and students. He keeps a strict eye upon the students.

The school has two play grounds one badminton court yard, a swimming pool and a nice cafeteria. Games are compulsory in our school. Our school takes part in different tournaments and wins champion ships and trophies.

Our school is progressing in all fields. In studies it has made a mark. Its students secure positions mostly in all examinations.

In debate competitions also the students of our school secure good positions. It is considered to be one of the best schools in city. Its reputation is very good. It is playing its due role in the field of education I am proud of my school.


Mohan-jo-Daro is an ancient city of the world. Its ruins are about five thousand years old. Mohan-Jo-Daro is situated at the distance of 27 kilometres from Larkana city on the right bank of river Indus. Mohan-jo-Daro was discovered by an English archaeologist Sir John Marshall in 1922.

Ruins of Mohan-jo-Daro speak of a planned and civilized city. There were well built houses, straight roads and covered drains. Each house had two or three rooms with bath rooms, kitchen and servant quarters. The houses were two stories. All the houses were made of red bricks, there is a common bathing pond, a grain storing hall and a temple having small rooms. There is shopping centre in the centre of the city having shops on both sides.

The country side of the city was fertile. Peasants grew wheat, cotton, grams and rice. They also kept cattle. The people of this city were skilled craftsmen. They worked in gold, silver, ivory and brass.

Many objects have been found from Mohan-jo-Daro, such as painted pottery, toys, jewellery, weapons etc. The best find of Mohan-jo-Daro is the seal of head of bull. The statue of dancing girls is also a best find.

People of this city wore long and lose dresses. Children played with toys made of clay.

My Country

Pakistan is my country. It got it’s independence from British empire on 14th August 1947 after a long and hard struggles of Muslims of South Asia, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Our country consists of four provinces, the Punjab, Sindh, North western frontier province (NWFP) and Balochistan. Islamabad the most beautiful and modern city is capital of our country. Karachi is the biggest city, while Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Sukkur and Hyderabad are other big cities. The population of our country is about 14 crores. The majority but non-muslims minorities enjoy equal rights.

The sights of my country are beautiful and charming. There are sights of hills, plain, desert and coastal areas. Here are attractive green slopes of mountains, silvery water falls, beautiful plains of Sindh and Punjab. Warm lakes and beautiful shores of Arabian Sea.

Although my country is basically an agricultural country with all kinds of crops fruits and trees, yet we are developing into an industrial one.

There are many historical places in Pakistan. Mohan-jo-Daro, Harapa and Taxila are famous among them.

I love Pakistan because it’s my country.

Dignity of Labour

Labour has got lot of importance in the world. All big mansions, grand high ways and large mills and factories are fruit of labour of man. If there had been no labour, we would have lived in desert, but in our country we most of people are in habit of hating labour. We consider it menial work. We feel shame in doing work with our own hands.

In advanced countries people do not feel shame in doing work with their own hands, it is why they are on the road of prosperity and progress. In Europe and America mostly all the members of each family work in offices and factories even the women do so. Due to that reason all male and female individuals work for themselves.

Islam gives importance to the labour. Our Holy Prophet (Peace by upon him) loved doing work with his blessed hands, four pious Khalifas, Imams and saints followed his foot prints. They all liked to work for themselves and for others. Holy Prophet said “Labourer is friend of God”. From that saying it is evident that only working man and woman are dear to God. A working person earns his or her living by honest means. That lawful earning creates in him the qualities of truth and high moral. If we want to be good Muslim we should not only work with our hands but also appreciate the working persons of the society.

Labour creates self confidence in a person by creating self confidence a person can enjoy the fruits of labour. The fruit of labour is always sweet. It is necessary for us not to forget the importance of labour. Labour keeps us away from the sins of exploitation and corruption.

Health is Wealth

Good health is joy; good health is a greatest blessing of God. Good health is prosperity as well as prosperity as well as superiority. A healthy person can participate in each and every activity of life. He can study, he can earn his living and he can do his duties with great enthusiasm and interest. A healthy person earns his name and fame. Against it an unhealthy person can do nothing for himself and for others as well.

Being a Muslim it is our duty to keep our selves healthy and adopt healthy things. We should take much care of our health. For good health Islam lays stress on cleanliness and cleanliness has been called the half of the faith. It is why abulation has been made compulsory before saying prayer five times a day. Islam also asks for simple but pure diet. Balanced and pure life makes a person healthy.

Today if we wish to have a healthy society, we will have to purify our environment from pollution. We will have to be simple and natural. It is the fact that healthy environment is better than all medicines in the world. It is also fact that healthy is like a great treasure and it must be guarded properly. We must take care of our bodies because our lives depend entirely upon healthy bodies. Serious trouble with organs of body would mean death. A man who possesses sound health is indeed a rich man.

Duties of a Good Citizen

A person who is aware of his duties and rights in his society is a good citizen. A good citizen does his best to do his duty to the society. He always keeps in view the interest of state and society. He lives a clean, honest and truthful life. He remains away from such activities that may harm the interest of his fellow citizens. He lives not for him self alone but for others also. He pays his taxes, takes interest in the affairs of state.

A good citizen must be ready to sacrifice his everything for the sake of his country. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his country. He is law abiding and he helps the authorities in this regard.

A good citizen cares for good of his city, town and neighbour hood. He keeps his surroundings clean and beautiful. He must co-operate with his fellow citizens and neighbours. He must be ready to extend the helping hand to every one and any one at the time of need.

A good citizen must respect the cultural heritage of his country. He must respect the heroes, the prophets, the sages and saints of his country. He must keep in mind the future of his country. He must be ready for the defence of the frontiers of his country. He must leave no stone unturned for the prosperity and integrity of his mother land.

House on Fire

It was about midnight. I was reading for my terminal tests. All family members except me were sound a sleep. Suddenly there was alarm of fire brigade. I sprang out of my chair and rushed to the windows. I saw flames and black smoke rising from a house at a short distance from our house. I cried out fire “Fire”. Every one in our house was up and out of bed. Father and I ran out of the house. We had to stop well away from the burning house which was a two story building. A big crowd had gathered on the road.

We could see the building on fire. We could hear the cries of the poor men, women, and children caught in the burning building. I prayed to God to save them all. The firemen fought the flames bravely. Ladders went up the sides of the building water was being shotout at the flames. Quickly all the inmates were brought out by the fire fighters. But they had to leave their belonging behind.

A fire brigade man did a brave deed. Through smoke and fire he made his way to top story to rescue a little child. He brought the kid out safely at last fire was brought under control by the fire brigade. The fire was put in an hour. Half of the house had been burnt to ashes. It was lucky that the fire did not spread to other houses. It was also fortunate that there was no loss of life. The loss of property was about 2, 00,000/- Rupees.

Unity is Strength

To be together for the same cause is called union or unity. Little forces are of no use if they are divided, but when the forces of small volumes are united they are able to change the destiny of the nations.

It is a famous saying that united we stand divided we fall. It had been the reason behind the victories and defeats of all nations, communities and tribes. We can see that when the Muslims of the world were united they were invulnerable but when they weaken themselves they are not in a good position in the world community.

We can see the examples of unity in small creatures also. The birds fly in a big group for their safety, in jungles animals live in large herds in order to protect themselves from wild animals like lions, foxes and tigers. An elephant can be killed by small ants if they are united. The united labour of honey bees gives us sweet honey. Union of small drops of water makes rivers and oceans, small rays of light brighten the world.

Union has got lot of importance in our life. If we are united we can make quick progress in every sphere of life. By the magic of unity our nation can make it self famous and great.

Merits of Science

We are living in the age of science. In every walk of life we have scientific facilities, and inventions of scientists have mode our life more comfortable and happy for us than it was in the past. If our ancestors happen to visit the modern world they will not be able to recognize it.

The contribution of science is seen in our daily life. We feel frightened to think of old ages when there were no trains, no aeroplanes, no electric fans, no radio sets, no X-rays, no printing press, no refrigerators, no Air-conditioners, computers and no means of entertainment as films, T. V, V. C. R, C. Ds etc. Really all these facilities and aids have been given to us by un-parallel progress of science in the twentieth century.

Science has made powerful achievement in the field of communications. It has shortened time and space. Today we have fast-moving trains, comfortable motor cars and luxurious aeroplanes and ships. We can over the distance of thousands of kilometres in few hours. Science had provided us with labour saving machines and devices. For pen to motor bike we have a large number of means of amusement and recreation due to the science. By watching T. V. and film in cinema we refresh our tired minds. In the field of medicine, science has provided us with many wonder drugs like pencilling.

To conclude, human life has been renders much more comfortable by the blessings of science.

My Aim in Life

Robert Browning says, “The aim if reached or not makes great the life” so aim has great importance in human life. It plays the role of guiding star.

In selecting one’s aim, one must take into consideration one likes, ability, parent’s choice and economic conditions of the family.

Different people have different aims. Some want to be doctors, some want to be engineers, some want to be army officers some want to be politicians and some want to be teachers. My aim in life is not to amass wealth, not have power over helpless persons or get high social status. My aim is simple enough. It is service of poor and down trodden people. I have decided once for all to spend the rest of my life in the service of suffering people. My aim is to become a doctor. In this regard I have made up my mind to join good medical college after passing pre-medical. I shall be doctor of different type. I shall never be after amassing wealth. I shall not grow fat at the expenses of others. As a doctor it will be my object to charge only reasonable money from the patients in order to meet the expenses of clinic, medicines and clinical staff. I do not collect wealth for my self and make mansions. I need money only for my bare necessities. I shall have this money by having good practice and working hard. Doctor’s business is after all services and I am determined to do so. I shall be honest, sincere in treating and nursing my patients. May God help me to achieve my aim?

The Happiest Day of My Life

It was 15th of July the day of declaration of my S. S.C. examination result. I got up at 6:00 am. I took bath and offered prayer. I prayed for my success at S. S.C. examination. I was some what uneasy and restless. My mind was swinging between hope and hopelessness. It was strange stage of anxiety and expectations. My parents had high expectations of me. I was in a very disturbed state of mind.

The news paper-boy had not yet come. The sand of time was running out. I was getting more and more restless. At last new paper-boy come shouting. I bought a paper from him. My hands were shaking and heart throbbing with trembling hands I opened the newspaper. With in a minute I found out my seat number among the candidates who had been declared successful in A-1 Grade. I thanked God for the success which he granted me. I ran of the living room and gave my mother, this good news. My brothers and sisters got up and rejoiced.

The atmosphere of the house changed at once. Friends and relatives poured in to congratulate me. All were in jolly and happy mood.

In the evening father came to home from duty, he congratulated me and gave me an expensive golden wrist watch as a gift. Really speaking I was feeling much excited due to happiness and could hardly sleep that night. This was happiest day of my life.

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