A Visit to Historical Place

Pakistan is full of historical buildings. They present the picture of glorious past. I had an opportunity to visit historical city of Thatta during last summer vacations.

During my stay at Thatta I visited famous Shah Jahan Mosque. It was built during the reign of just Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 17th century.

The mosque is an example of Mughal architecture and art. Whole the building is built of red stones and bricks. There is also work of colourful local tiles. When I entered the mosque I was impressed with its architectural beauty. It is a beautiful model of Muslim Engineering and Architecture. There is proper arrangement of light without electricity. There is natural system of air-conditioning and there is auto-echo system in the building and there is no need of loud speakers during Aazan, sermon or saying prayers.

In short it is the best example of Mughal art, architecture and engineering.

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