A Letter to Younger Brother Advising Him to Take Interest in His Studies

Examination Hall,

March 16, 2003.

My Dear Brother,


I am sorry to tell you that it hurts me to hear from your class teacher that you did not do well in the terminal tests. You have failed in English and Maths. You should be ashamed of it. You know I always showed good results in the same school. All teachers know that you are my brother. They expect good results from you also. I have also come to know that you are often absent from class and have joined a bad company. I am shocked to learn all this.

I therefore warn you to mend your ways. Work hard and win the admiration of your parents and teachers. You should devote much time to your students and make up your deficiency. I hope next time you will show good results.

Yours affectionately

X. Y. Z.

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