Approach of Sociology

Sociology deals with social events. All human relations fall in study of sociology, sociology is the study of structure, function and problem of human groups. Therefore all social phenomena of any nature fall in the field of sociology.
Sociological knowledge is as vast as social relations we can apply this knowledge in the explanation of all social events. But there are certain very important aspects of social life in which sociology knowledge is applied in our society.
(1) Education and Research:
In this field of education, sociology explains the conditions and problem of social life to the individuals. For such student it is an end those who study sociology for job it serves as means.
Sociology is taught as a subject in some alleges and universities of Pakistan. There are few sociological research institutions in Pakistan. The social science Research centre Punjab University, Rural Development Academy, Peshawar Central Statistical office, Karachi, Family planning Association, Lahore Sociology Department Punjab University, Rural Sociology Department, Agriculture University, Faisalabad are well-known institutes where sociologists are engaged in research work.
(2) Agriculture:
Agriculture is the backbone of our country. About 70% of our total population is direct or indirect engaged with agriculture. Self-sufficiency in some agricultural products has not been attained. The main cause is the old cake of custom which tightly grips the system of land cultivation. Illiteracy, superstition, lack of information on modern methods of cultivation and non availability of farming machines are major barriers in agrarian progress. Advanced forms of seeds are not available to most of the farmers in time.
(3) Industry:
The industrial relations are of much importance to the students of industrial sociology. The relation between the workers and the owners need urgent attention of the sociologists. When the workers go on strike or the mill-owners lock their mills, the social situation becomes lens. The sociologists come in and make the mills go by arbitration between the owner and the workers.
(4) Trade and Business:
Sociology has its share in the field of Trade and Business also. The sociologists boost up the disposal of industrial goods by publicity measures, and raise the quality of products so that consumption may be accelerated. A sage and rational publicity is essential for disposal of goods in this developing society.
(5) Health:
The sociologists are also at work in creating drug banks and blood banks for needy patients in hospitals. Those patents who show little progress in their treatment usually lose all hope of life sociologists, after close study of their social-life and the discase, change their attitude by interactions with them till they respond to the medical treatment.
The students of sociology help a lot in the treatment of neurosis and adjustment of the drug-addicts, as workers of Medical social welfare.
(6) Population Planning:
Some students of sociology are doing research in the fields of population planning in Pakistan. Sociologists can motivate a person better than anyone else toward in the expansion of population.
(7) Social Welfare:
Sociologists are employed in social welfare department to conduct following programmes.
1. Child Welfare Association
2. Youth Clubs
3. Community Council for old people
4. Women Associations
5. Industrial Home for Unemployed
6. Child and Maternity Centre
7. T.B. Centre
8. Conducting Orphanages
9. Adult Education Centre
10. Opening reading rooms
11. Care of abducted children
(8) Planning and development:
In national planning and developing schemes, the demand of sociologists is increasing. In developing of cities the services of sociologists are being required. Sociologists are working in planning Commission and on administrative posts in Pakistan.

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