Thursday, March 24, 2011

Children by Henry Long Fellow (Summary)

(Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow)

The poet is very fond of children. The Children are source of joy and happiness to the poet. He wants to get pleasure and company of children in order to forget his worries. For him the children are source of light and life. He compares them with singing birds, running streamlets and blowing breeze. He says that as sun light air and food are necessary for the growth of a plant, so the existence of children is must for keeping world alive. Poet compares the sweet thought and feelings of the children with the busy life of grown ups. The grown ups are burdened with problems of life where as children are free of all such things. The poet thinks that without children the world would be useless, dark and freshening. He says that children are better than all the poems that have ever been composed.


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