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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sonnet composed upon Westminster Bridge (Summary)

Monday, August 2, 2010 - 12 Comments

Once William Words worth visited the Westminster Bridge in the morning. He viewed the city of London from this bridge and was very much impressed by its beauty. He says that city of London looks very beautiful in the morning. The person who does not enjoy such an impressive scene is a dull one. The ships, the towers, domes, churches and green fields present a very beautiful scene in the morning. There is complete silence. The river Thames flows very smoothly. All the activities of the people are suspended and this city seems asleep at this hour of morning.

Lucy Gray (Summary)

Lucy Gray was a beautiful little girl. She had no friends to play with and lived in Wild moor with her parents. One day her mother went to the town for shopping. In the evening her father told her to go to the town to bring her mother back. He also told her to take a lantern with her o light her mother’s way through snow storm.

Lucy Gray at once obeyed his order and set out for town. When she was on the way the storm had come before it was expected. Lucy could not see her way due to snow. She wandered here and there and at last died in the snow.

Her parents searched her all night but all in vain. At last they found foot prints in the middle of a wooden bridge. Perhaps she slipped through it and died. Some people think that she is still alive and has become a part a nature. She sings a solitary song that whistles in the wind.

Lines from the Deserted Village (Summary)

In this poem Oliver Goldsmith praises his native village, Auburn. He calls it happy time of his age. The villagers were very wealthy and cheerful. It was a fine village where the spring came earlier and which had long summer. The villagers were simple fold and led a very contented life. The poet had spent his youth in this village. He therefore can not forget its charms. He remembers that there were green fields where he wandered, the mill, the stream and the church. He remembers that there were shady places for taking rest and enjoying chatting. On holidays villagers enjoy different games. On such occasions many feats of skill and strength were also shown. While the young men took active part in these games and the old men watched them. The dancing couples performed dances. Sometimes they played a trick on some young farmer. They would smear his face with mud or blacken. That provided a lot of fun to the whole company. Sometimes a shy girl looked secretly at her lover. Then her mother would reprove her daughter for her attitude. Such were the pleasures of his native village which has been ruined. In the end the poet says that the villages are back bone of country. If they are destroyed once they can never be created again.

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