Thursday, March 4, 2010

Political Causes of Criminology (Short Note)

There are many political causes, which contribute in poverty. The policy of the government is not encouraging production and increasing discontentment among the workers by giving faulty defective labour laws, can be one such factor. Similarly the policy of government to give monopoly rights to the few and put vast majority of consumers at their disposal is another cause. Then is the failure of the government to provide proper education to the citizens so that after completing their education they can earn their livelihood. Government can also enact laws, which encourage exploitation. Similarly government can adopt wise economic policy, thereby providing employment to maximum number of people. It can also provide home science training and encourage small scale and cottage industries. In this way political causes can help a lot both in increasing unemployment and also in reducing poverty.

Above are some of the important causes for poverty of the people. As soon as all these or many of these causes combine together, the rate and ratio of poverty increases and vice versa happens in their absence. Today one of the serious problems with which our government is faced is to launch what against poverty. Today throughout the world it is realized that poverty is the standard of judging success or failure of all political institutions, organizations and governments. We may conclude it with the words of Gillin and Gillin when he says that, “We have also pointed out that the factors producing poverty and dependency are individual in capacity, partly due to heredity and partly to accidental causes, features of physical environment over which man has not yet obtained adequate control, to the mal-adjustment in our economic organization to meet adequate human needs, to defects in our social organization with respect to education, health, housing, improper preparation for family life”.


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