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Causes of Crime

Causes of Crime
What are the causes of crime? As already pointed out no single theory can be expounded for committing crime. Few of the many causes may be discussed as under:

Educational System
Unfortunately present day educational system is very defective. The system of education does not lay stress on morality and character, which are effective forces for checking crimes. Similarly we find the education is mostly not vocational biased and does not help the young people to get timely employment. Delay in getting proper employment encourages tendency towards crime.

Poverty is one of the most importance causes of crime. In fact it can be said that it is the root cause of many crimes. Though poverty is a relative term, yet in every form it result in corruption and adopting illegal and underhand means. Poverty results in committing suicide and prostitution as well as bribery and so on. Directly or indirectly poverty is responsible for all sorts of crimes.

In the economic field unemployment plays an important role in committing of crimes. Thus an unemployed young person can become agitator, a pickpocket, robber or a thief. He can become violent and take law into his own hands. In this way unemployment results in many crimes. That is the reason that we find that in countries, which have undeveloped economy, and in which chances of unemployment are marginal, rate of crimes is high.

Political Set up

Our political set up also encourages crimes in our modern times government machineries are slow and inefficient with the result that this becomes premium on the illegal activities of the criminals. Similarly our legal system too is very complex and complicated and the criminals are confident that they can escape free and involve some innocent persons in it. They know that by their illegally earned wealth they can purchase as well as mould the course of law. Not only this, but we find that some of our politicians encourage criminals for one reason or the other.

It has been said that crime is the price, which we pay for industrialization. Due to industrialization many industrial towns develop in which there is no proper residential accommodation particularly for low paid labourers. They are forced to live together in small rooms. Their privacy is lost and rate of sex crimes increases. Standard of their health comes down and indecencies develop. Since these people are required to live away from their families for long, prostitution gets encouragement and bonds of family affection completely go away. Ratio of men to women also gets disturbed due to this forced isolation.

Due to industrialization, there is rapid urbanization and the people leave their village abodes to find employment in the cities. Atmosphere in the cities is quite different than what it is in the villages. These new migrated people suddenly find absence of social control and feel tempted to violate established laws.

Change in Values
As we know that due to industrialization and advancement of science and advancement of science and technology social values have very greatly changed. Today we are more materialists and rational as well as individualists. Collectivism and blind faith is being replaced by new ideas. Due to these changes, social values have also together changed and restrictions considerably reduced. This has resulted in committing many crimes.


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