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Friday, October 9, 2009

By Car Across Europe (Summary)

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English people like adventure, every year large number of them spend their summer holidays in touring the Europe continent young people and student mostly travel on foot or bicycles and usually stay in youth Hostels. Old people with money travel in buses or trains and stay in Hotels. Some people go out in their cars and travel far and wide in search of enjoyment and novelty.

A young English couple Roger and Sheila Forester set on a journey from London to Naples by car. They had spent their honey moon on the Isle of Capri and five years later they made their mind to make a sentimental pilgrimage. Roger obtained a passport, traveller’s cheques and the necessary documents for his car and set off from London for Dover. It took them three hours to reach the coast. They reached in time to get seats in the ferry boat, and after paying custom duties Roger drove on to the car ferry.

The sea was calm and Roger and Sheila were very happy. They had their lunch in the boat. Then they began to talk about the route they intended to follow across the Europe. By the time their ship docked at Dunkirk, they had decided nothing about trip or booked any hotels except to try and reach Brussels that night.

From Dunkirk they drove of the ferry into the France and were on their way to Belgium. It was getting dark when they reached Brussels. From Brussels they turned southwards and drove through the rolling hills of Arddens. Then they reached Luxembourg. From there they went to the valley of Moselle situated on the left bank of the River Rhine. Now they were in Germany. They were now quite tried, so they decided to have a day’s rest in Switzerland. All her life Sheila had desired to visit Venice. So they went to Venice, they were happy, Sheila was delighted to see Venice which with its canals in place of roads, is unique city in the world. They completed the rest of journey as they had planned. From Venice they went to Capri and returned to London after twelve day’s journey.

The Wolves of Cernogratz (Summary)

Once a Baron and his sister bought an old Castle. When they came to live in it, the Baron asked his sister if any legend was associated with the Castle. The Baroness replied that there was a legend about the Castle that when ever any person died in the castles, the Wolves and wild beasts of the forest near it howled and Cried, when the soul of the dead person left the body, a tree fell in the park. But she did not believe in such stories because nothing had happened when her mother in law died. At this governess said that the legend was quite true, however wolves and other wild beasts howled only when a member of the Cernogratz family died. On hearing this Baroness was greatly annoyed and thought that governess wanted to give her self too much importance by telling such stories. She asked her angrily how she knew that the legend was true. Governess replied that she was member of that family. On hearing this every member of Baroness’s family burst into laughter because they disbeloved her. Governess told them that when they became very poor and she began to live by teaching she took another name, But his grand father spent much of his time in that castle and her father used to tell her many stories about it. A silence fall over the company when she finished speaking. The Baron broke this silence and said that governess was very impertinent and he did not believe in a world ever she told. The Baroness’s said that governess was growing old and knew that she would not be able to work in old age and she wanted to get their sympathies, so she made up her mind to serve her a notices to quite as soon as New year festivities were over.

Unfortunately governess fell ill, when the house was full of guests, all of a sudden a woolly lap dog jumped down from its cushion ad crept shivering under the sofa. At the same time all the dogs in the castle began to bark soon everybody in the castle heard the howling of wolves in the distance.

The Baroness moved by an impulse went to the narrow dark room of the governess. She found her lying quite still. The window of the room stood open. It was very cold so Baroness rushed to shut the window but governess stopped her by saying that she wanted to hear the death music before she passed away. She further said that she was glad that wolves had come from far and wide to sing the death music for a member of Cernogratz family and she was happy that she was dying in her own castle. Then a noise of something splitting and crashed was heard. A tree fell in the park and soul of the old lady, the last of the Cernogratz family left her body.

Letters (Summary)

Letter 1:

Mr. A.M. Qureshi a Pakistani citizen of P.E.C.H society Karachi intends to visit London. It this connection he writes a letter to the Manager of Hotel Montrose London for reservation of single room from the evening of Monday 3rd February to the morning of Sunday 9th February 1922. He also wants information about the most convenient way to travel from airport to hotel.

Letter 2:

In response to the letter of Mr. A.M Qureshi the Manager of Montrose Hotel London writes that the room has been reserved and charges for a single room with breakfast are 20 pounds a day.

About the convenient way from airport to hotel he tells him that he could take a taxi directly but it would be cheaper to travel to the south air terminal by bus and then take a taxi to the hotel.

Letter 3:

In this extract from his letter Mr. Qureshi tells his family about his stay with Browns during the weekend. His friend’s son wants to know about life in Pakistan and offer’s to exchange letters with Mr. Qureshi’s son Saleem. Mr. Qureshi asks his son to take advantage of the offer and improve his English.

Letter 4:

In reply to David’s letter Saleem tells him that he is replying little bit late because he had been busy in Eid celebration. He tells his how he had been celebrating Eid-ul-Fiter Festival. He explains that Eid-ul-Fiter comes at the ends of month of fasting and would be followed by another Eid a few weeks later.

He tells David about his engagements of Eid day. Getting up early he would take a bath and put on his best clothes, every one wears new clothes on this occasion. He would have traditional vermicelli dish for breakfast and would go to the polo ground for congregational prayers. After prayers the participants would embrace one another and return home where family would have delicious dishes. Then presents would be exchanged and he would go to the near relatives with his brother.

The letter of Saleem ends with a request that David might write him about the festival of Christmas and Easter.

Letter 5:

In this letter David congratulates Saleem on his English of good quality. He tells him that Christmas is their most important festivals. It is religious festival and falls on December 25th. He says that they go to Church on Christmas morning and also take part in carol service. Carols are traditional Christmas hymn. Children’s parties go from door to door singing Christmas carols in the hope to get penny or two for their own pockets. Local Church choirs also sing like that to collect donations for charitable purpose.

Shops are profusely decorated at Christmas and presents are exchanged on the occasion. The postal department engage special staff to cope with extra pressure.

Living rooms of all houses are decorated with the Christmas tree which is a small fir tree. It is decorated with bells and lights. Christmas present are collected from this tree on Christmas morning. Little children hang up empty stockings at the foot of bed when they go to bed and find them filled up with Christmas presents when they wake up in the morning.

They have dinner with turkey and other dishes. The afternoon is spent quietly at home. After tea children play games and grown up enjoy themselves no less.

The other important festival is Easter it is also of religious nature. It falls in spring its dates undergo a change with the change of moon. It starts on a Friday which is called Good Friday and lasts till following Monday which is called Easter Monday. Customary hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday and Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday. Unlike Christmas Easter is not for merry making. Still as Easter Monday is public holiday, people like to go to the seaside or in the country for outing. Some time journey proves trouble some due to traffic jams so people prefer to stay at home.

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