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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Man Who Wins (Summary)

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In this poem poet conveys the message that every thing depends upon will, determination and self confidence of a person. He says that if you think – that you are defeated and have no courage it is sure that you will not get success. If you like to win but you think you do not it is certain that you will lose. Your success of failure depends up on your state of mind. If you start a work with doubt in your mind you will not succeed. But if you begin your work with full confidence you will surely win. You must be sure before starting any task. It is the man who has strong will determination and full confidence always becomes winner in the battle of life.

There is Good Time Coming (Summary)

In this poem, the poet is assuring the new generation of the better days which are awaiting them. He says that the time for true happiness is coming when there will be peace on the earth. There shall be no wars; the people shall hate the war. The period of happiness is near at hand. The poet assures younger generation again and again that period of happiness is coming soon. He asks them to give their help for bringing peace in the world.

The Uses of Adversity (Summary)

In this poem explains the hard ships. He says that when the reed bears the hardship of sharpening then it writes clearly and fluently. In the same way reduced wick of lamp gives shining light. In this way he tries to make us under stand that ups and downs of life and hard ships have their own uses. They provide vast experience to man and make him bold and fearless. He learns to face any future misfortune with courage and wisdom.

The Ministeral Boy (Summary)

The poet praises the role of a Musician boy who was patriot in the true sense. Ministeral boy was an Irish patriot; he was fighting for the freedom of Ireland against England. The boy had two things with him his father’s sword and a wild harp. No doubt he was an artist but for the freedom of mother land he was in first rows of army. He says no matter the world betrays Ireland but at least one sword of Ministeral boy is there to defend it and his harp to praise it. The boy was wounded during the course of war and fell down. Before his death he tore apart the strings of his harp, so that it may not be touched and played by the impure hands of enemy. As its music was only for free people so it might not sin in slavery. This shows his love for liberty of soul and art.

Casabianca (Summary)

Casabianca was a small boy. He was the son of the commander of the warship. The commander took part in the battle of Nile. He took his son with him: When the sea battle was going on, he ordered his son to stand on the deck of the ship. The father was killed in action. The ship caught fire, every one fled to save the life but Casabianca stood on the deck. He was obedient and brave so, he could not leave position without the orders of commander. He was surrounded by the flames but he did not move. He shouted and asked his father if he might leave the position. But did not receive any reply. He called again and again but there was no reply. At last the ship was smashed to pieces. Many valuable things were destroyed. But the most valuable thing among them was Casabianca. He lost his life in order to set an example of courage and obedience. The death of Casabianca was Noblest but saddest incident of battle of Nile.

King Bruce and the Spider (Summary)

King Robert Bruce was the King of Scotland. He was defeated by Edward I, the king of England. Robert Bruce ran away from the battle field and took refuge in a cave. He was very sorry over his defeat. He wanted to win freedom for his country. He had fought for several times but was defeated. He thought over the matter and decided to give up the struggle. Just at the moment a spider fell down from the roof of the cave. King began to watch the movement of the spider. The spider tried again and again but could not succeed every time it fell down. This happened nine times. The king was sure that spider would try it no more. It was its tenth attempt. This time the spider succeeded and reached its home. The King Bruce learnt a lesson from the spider. He thought if a spider could succeed why could not he. He collected his army, defeated the England and got freedom for his country.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand that Rules the World (Summary)

In this poem poet pays homage to the mothers. He prays to Almighty God and says that: he may bless the mothers no matter where they are. He may save them from all evils. He further says that child is not wise by birth but she teaches him lessons of wisdom and high morale in her lap. Kids’ uneasy and impulsive nature is nursed properly by loving mother. All the prominent personalities are due to the training of mothers. Mother makes this world heaven on earth. She wipes away all the worries and anxieties from man’s mind and encourages him to face the problems of life with grace and dignity. So in true sene mother is the person who is actual ruler of the world.

Speak Gently (Summary)

Poet advises us to use kind words. He thinks that obedience secured by love is better than that which is result of fear. He further says that one should win hearts of others by sweet and kind words. King words cost nothing but lead to good results. We should treat little ones kindly. Again we should treat senior citizens kindly because they may leave us soon. Kind, words though they seem insignificant have a great effect on the heart of others. The reward of this will be gained during the life after death in the next world.

Beautiful Hands (Summary)

Poetess praises the hands of the mother for their spiritual beauty. She says that although these hands are neither good looking nor small and one can think that they were beautiful ones. She has seen these hands they were the imagination of an artists. For her they are still attractive. Further she says for the pleasure of children these hands worked very hard instead of sorrows and worries. Poetess is sad for these hands because they are growing weak with the pace of time. The marks of pain and old age are on fore head, heart and hand. She feels that her death is fast approaching and one day these hands would be buried under the daisies. But she is hopeful that beyond this world of sorrows and sins lies beautiful and eternal world and her mother’s hands would be victorious there and after death she would get an opportunity of holding her mothers hands.

A Nations Strength (Summary)

In this poem the poet tells about the secret of a nation’s greatness. He says that greatness of nation does not depend upon heaps of wealth or gold. He says that real strength of a nation lives in the men of character. These men up hold the cause of honour and truth, they remain united and face hardships for long period of time. Such men are brave, truthful, stead fast, self respecting and hard working. They do not care about their personal loss. They sacrifice their personal interest in the larger interest of their nation. They work while others enjoy a sound sleep. They bear every trial with courage. They dare and remain stead fast while others run away. They lay the foundation of a nation very deep. Then they take nation to the highest point of glory.

From a Railway Carriage (Summary)

In this poem poet shares his experience of his first railway journey. He has been amazed by the speed of the train. He says that speed of train is faster then the speed of fairies and witches. It runs so fast that the bridges, houses, rows of thorny plants and ditches pass by in a moment.

It goes forward as quickly as army soldiers attack the enemy in the battle field. The train runs through common grassy lands where horses and cattle are grazing. All the sights pass as quickly as drop of train follows another drop. Many colourful buildings of stations appear and disappear in a glance due to the speed of train.

Poet sees a child climbing up steepy ground. He moves with difficulty and gathers black barriers. He also sees a homeless person looking at the train with amazement. He sees some ladies making garlands of daisies in a common grassy village land. In the middle of road there was cart with load. Due to heavy load it was moving awkwardly. The cart man was sitting on the load. He also sees a river and a floor mill. All these scenes appeared and disappeared in a very short moment.

Little Things (Summary)

This short poem shows the sensitive approach of the poetess to the little things. The poetess invites our attention to the importance of little things. She says that little drops of water make mighty oceans. Very vast and beautiful lands are made of little grains of sand. Similarly very short moments of time make endless ages. We should treat others with kindness and love. We should speak with others gently because our little words of love and little acts of sympathy and kindness can make our world the garden of paradise.

The Vice of GOD (Summary)

Poet wanted to make conversation with God. In this regard he went up the tower of church. When reached at the top most of the tower he was directed by God to go back to the earth. If he wanted to find him, he should search him among the people. Because He (God) lives among the human being.

Customs of Various Regions of Pakistan

Pakistan is a charming country. It is full of sceneries of various kinds. It has different regions of climates also. These geographical and climatic variations are reflected in the customs of various regions of Pakistan.

Pathans of frontier region are brave and sturdy. They are strong and war like. They have fought against invader from thousands of years. They are proud of their fire arms. As power of a tribe depends on number of men so Pathans feel happy over the birth of son. They protect the refugee at the cost their lives. They show hospitality to their guests. Their favourite food is meat.

Punjab has been called heart of Pakistan by Quaid-e-Azam. It has been seat of learning from thousands of year. Punjabis are religious by nature. Their fairs are usually connected with the Urs of saints. In village live farmers, they work from mornto’ night. In the evening they sit in the chopal make chit chat sing songs and talk about the day to day problems. Their marriages are colourful, whole village takes part in it.

Baluchis lead very hard and simple life due to the extreme weather. They sit and sleep on floor. Water is hard to get. Baluchi marriages are also colourful. They sing and dance on lively beat of drums. Bride groom arranges food for all guests. Food is brought with barat. Women of Balochistan wear most of jewellery all the time.

Civilization of Sindh is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Sindhi people are also religious by nature. Most of their festivals are religious. People from all over Pakistan come to celebrate the Urs of Shahbaz Qalander and Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. Folk songs are sung on Ektara at the eve of Urs. Alghoza is also a popular musical instrument of the area. Sindhi embroidery is famous all over the world. Mirror work is also common in Sindh.

Making a Summary

A summary means to present original passage in precise from. A good summary is one third of the original passage. It must contain actual facts present in original passage.

Five skills are needed to make a good summary. The first is generalising. By generalising we mean that one general word or phrase be given for long list of words. The second skill is to select main facts which are concerned with the subject of the passage. Title must be given to the passage. It would be helpful to select facts. Third skill of making a summary is to give one word substitute for several words. Fourth one is to change the passage from direct speech to indirect speech. Quotation must be given intact. Fifth is that we should avoid to give personal opinion. After observing these skills we are free to summarize the passage.

How to Do Things

(A) Arranging a party:

It was Shahnaz’s birthday. She was very excited because she wanted to celebrate it in a befitting manner. Qaisera her best friend offered her services to make the party successful. They discussed about the menu and decided to serve Kababs, Samosas, Sandwiches, Fruitchat, Sweet Meat and Cake along with Tea.

They decorated the drawing room so that it presented a beautiful look. Then they went to kitchen where they made Fruitchat and Kababs and sandwiches. In the evening the father brought birthday cake that bore the name of Shahnaz with a wish for happy birthday.

They also made arrangement for the amusement of guests. Accordingly the planned indoor games such as “The parcel game”, “Treasure hunt” and music chairs.

The guests arrived. They were wearing gaudy dresses. Shahnaz cut the birthdays cake. All the guests offered her gifts and wishes when tea was over the interesting games started. All of them took part in the games and enjoyed the fun and laughter. Party came to an end in the evening. Shahnaz was very happy because it was a very good party and every body enjoyed it.

(B) Mending a Puncture:

Riding a bicycle is a joy when one is young. But suddenly that joy vanishes when cycle gets punctured. This emergency should not worry the rider if he is prepared for it. Bicycle is layed on the ground. Kit of mending puncture is taken out. The kit contains old bicycle tube, small scissors pair, a wrench, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticking solution. Some water in a shallow pot be filled and tyre is taken out of rim. After inflating tube it may be dipped in water. When punctured part would come under water small bubbles would appear in this way whole tube must be tested. Punctured space must be marked with colour pencil. After deflating tube be dried. The punctured spot are made rough with sand paper. Then a piece of old tube be taken and made rough with sand paper. After it sticking solution be applied on tube as well as piece of rubber. The piece of rubber be put on punctured part of tube. In this way puncture is mended.

Mending puncture at cycle shop is different. A kind of half solid rubber solution is applied on the punctured part of the tube. It is heated at certain temperature for some time in a press like machine. The solution melts and sticks on the tube so that both are inseparable. This method is common nowadays.

They Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass is a famous historical pass. It is fifty kilometres long narrow mountain valley. It is the only route which connects Pakistan to Afghanistan and other countries beyond it. Many conquerors attacked South Asia by crossing it. It has also been a famous trade route. Previously camel caravans passed and carried various articles from sub-continent to Afghanistan and brought back some goods. Now Lorries, trucks and other means of transport have taken place of camel caravans.

Bilal and his friends made a trip to Khyber Pass in last summer. They started early in the morning by bus. They stopped at Jamrod of obtaining permit. After covering about thirty Kilometre they reached Landikotal the highest place along the pass. There they made brief stop and ate Tikkas and Chapli Kababs. After it they covered another twenty Kilometres distance down wards to Torkham the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. They were welcomed by the Soldiers guarding the frontiers. The road from Peshawar to Landikotal is very fine but zigzag. There are very beautiful mountainous sceneries also. They boys enjoyed the journey along the pass and found it very informative.

The Inheritors

Moazzam and Azam were two brothers. Their father was a farmer. Their mother died when they were very young. Their father also died leaving behind a cow, a date palm tree and a blanket. Azam the elder brother was greedy and clever while the Moazzam younger one was simple and trusting. Azam the elder brother cheated Moazzam by dividing property in a strange manner. He gave the front part of the cow to his brother and kept rear part for him-self. Like wise he kept the top of the tree for him self and gave the lower part to his brother Moazzam. Then he chose to keep the blanket during the night hours and gave it to Moazzam during the day time.

Moazzam suffered very much at the hands of his brother. His brother got all the milk and the dates. His job was to feed the cow and water the tree. At last an old man felt pity for him and gave some practical suggestions to him. Accordingly, when Azam started milking the cow, he began to beat the front part of the cow. The cow moved here and there and Azam could not milk it. Seeing changed behaviour of younger brother Azam promised to give him half of the milk. One day when Azam climbed the date-palm tree for picking dates, Moazzam started cutting the trunk of the tree with an axe. When Azam asked for reason he replied that he was only cutting his part of the tree. Azam sensing the attitude of his brother also shared the dates with him. At night when Azam came to sleep under blanket it was wet. Seeing so Azam suggested that both would share the blanket during the night. This is how Moazzam taught a lesson to his greedy brother.

An African Village

Nigeria is the biggest country of West Africa. It is very thickly populated. The people of Nigeria are farmers. They live in villages in Bush Area. There are dozen to three dozen huts in a village. Those huts are scattered in bush area, so there are no roads or streets. In past a farmer’s hut had a single room. Now a days a farmers house may have two or more rooms. The walls of these rooms are made of wood and are plastered with mud. The roof of hut is still made of grass, reeds and palm leaves, some houses are circular in shape while others may be square or rectangular. The courtyard of the house is centre of their activities. Women work and cook food while children play there. There is no furniture in their houses. They sleep on mats. They use earthen pots and pans. Now they have started use of utensils made of tin and aluminium. There is no electricity, so they use logs for heating as well as lighting purpose.

They cultivate food as well as cash crops food crops include plantains, potatoes, ground nuts and pepper. The cash crops consist of oil – palm and cocoa.

There are no cattle in Nigeria, because cattle die because of a wild fly. The result is that they plough their fields with their own hands. Walk long distances and carry loads on their heads. However they keep a goat for milk and poultry for eggs.

With changing time things are changing in Nigeria. As soon as their villages are connected with roads, they will have cars and buses. They may then see radios, electricity, schools and hospitals coming to their villages.


While Najma and Ajmal were having their breakfast mother asked them to be ready to go with her for shopping. Children were surprised to hear this, because they had never been to the market before. The Mother explained them that in the past all the purchases were made by their father. Now he was away from home and they had run short of groceries and other provisions. So she wants to make all purchases.

They went to market in a taxi. They first visited mutton market. The mother explained the difference between beef and mutton. She told them that beef was the flesh of cows and calves while mutton was the flesh of goats and sheeps. She bought one kilo of leg and one kilo of minced meat there. After it they went to fruit and vegetable market and bought a kilo of tomatoes, five kilos of onions, two kilos of potatoes, one kilo each of cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, green peas and two kilos of spinach and five kilos of carrots. After buying vegetables they bought bananas and apples. After it came the turn of spices and groceries. They bought one kilo of salt, a quarter of red chillies, a quarter of black pepper and other spices. They bought two carrots of soap flakes, three bars of washing soap, four cakes of toilet soap, a kilo bag of ponidge a jar of honey, one bottle each of tomato sauce and vinegar and two packets of biscuits. At the end they bought one kilo of dressed chicken and two dozens of eggs and returned home. Children enjoyed the shopping very much.

A Village Fair

Bilal lived in a city and during the summer vacation he decided to go some where, because he got tired of the city life. He decided to pay a visit to his cousin Zubair in the village. It was just by the chance that when Bilal reached the village annual fair was being held in the village. The village was decorated with buntings and colourful flags. He found many shops there, where many people were making shopping. There were so many events there, every one was enjoying the event according to his taste and age. Children were gathered around merry – go – rounds and swings. There was a drum competition also. They also saw a dog and bear fight. They saw a monkey show. A clever monkey was copying an angry husband it also played many other tricks to amuse the people.

The conjurers, jugglers and rope dancers showed their interesting tricks and people were delighted to see such tricks. Bilal then saw horse races, dog races, tent pegging and such other sports.

There were many other things to see but both friends felt tired and turned home ward.

Dignity of Work

One day Akhtar came late from the school and he was in angry mood. When mother enquired of him, he did not answer. At the lunch time his uncle Mr. Inayat came to visit them. At the enquiry of his uncle he explained that, social work week was being observed in his school and his teacher asked him to do inferior work. Mr. Inayat asked him whether their teacher did any work. He told him that his class teacher swept the class room and Head Master cleaned the bath room. Mr. Inayat told him that when his teacher had not felt insulted by doing inferior work, he should not have any cause for grumbling. Then he gave the example of the Holy Prophet (peace by upon him) who felt pride in doing work with his own blessed hands. He further told him that his companion were also like him. Hazrat Abu Bakar worked for widows and old neighbour. Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali did labour work. Hazrat Fatima did house hold work with own hands. Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz refused to hire a servant to help his wife.

Sultan Nasir-uddin earned his living by making caps and Emperor Aurangzeb by transcribing Holy Quran.

Their uncle also told them that in China and America people do not feel shame in doing inferior work. Even high officials do so.

After hearing such things Akhtar also realized his mistake and promised that he would not feel shame in doing work with own hands.

King Faisal

Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia was born in 1907. He received religious education from his maternal grand father Shaikh Abdullah bin Abdul Latif. He had qualities of heart and head. He started his career as governor of Hajaz. Then he was appointed foreign Minister and Prime Minister. When his elder brother falls seriously ill he was chosen as king by the Council in 1964. He liked his people and ruled the country in very successful manner. He increased the produce of petroleum for development of his country. He established various factories in his country. He opened schools and hospitals. He brought vast area of desert under cultivation.

As he was true Muslim, so his strong desire was to unite Muslims of the world. He tried his best to achieve that goal. He was against the state of Israel and helped the Arab countries in their war against Israel.

King Faisal was sincere friend of Pakistan. He always helped Pakistan in difficult times.

He was killed by his nephew on 25 March 1975. His death was mourned by the entire Muslim world.

A Visit

Mr. Ahmed was a school teacher. His class was fond of going on picnic. Mr. Ahmed’s class felt very happy, when their Head Master granted them permission to visit any important place in school bus for one day.

Mr. Ahmed arranged the picnic to an agriculture Farm. Mr. Hassan the Manager of the Farm welcomed the boys at the gate and showed them around.

The boys were very much surprised to see such big Farm. It was wheat harvesting season and a big machine was working there. It was cutting the crop and making bundles of it. Thresher was separating grains from the chaff. The boys learnt from Mr. Hassan that ploughing, seeding, threshing and other such works are done by machines on the farm. By adopting that method of farming they get much produce in comparison to an ordinary farm. Beside the use of machines they use chemical fertilizer and provide tube well water to lands whole the year. They spray insecticides in order to protect the crop from harmful insects and diseases. He told them that they grow wheat, maize cotton, sugar can, grams, vegetables, oranges and mangoes. On vegetable farm boys were surprised to see growing there such vegetable which were out of season. They were informed that farm management intends to add dairy to it. They would be invited when dairy started working. Boys were of the view that visit was very informative for them.


(A) Teaching: Teaching is a noble profession. Teacher is the one who knows how to read God’s words, written in Holy book, or on human hearts or in nature.

The teacher must possess many important qualities. The first and most important quality of a teacher is that he must love and appreciate his profession. He must prefer the welfare of taught to his own. Another quality of a teacher is that he must have thirst for knowledge. He must be prepared to learn from each and every one, even younger and less gifted. A very important quality of a teacher is that he not only tries to know what is true, good and beautiful, but also seeks to incorporate them in life. He must practise what he preaches.

(B) Fishing: Fishing is an important occupation. Millions of people are engaged in this profession. The fisherman catches fish from the deep waters. They remain at the sea for days and weeks come back with large quantity of fish.

There are two modes of fishing, Inland or fresh water fishing and sea or marine fishing. Fresh water fish are caught from rivers, streams, canals, lakes and ponds. Fresh water fish is small but more tasty Marine fishing in Pakistan is done in Arabian Sea.

The Government of Pakistan is paying more attention to fishing industry. Loans are given to fisherman to buy bigger and better boats and nets of good quality. Weather stations have been built along the coast to inform the fishing boats of storms.

We get several by products from fish, such as glue, manure and liver oil.

The Wise Caliph

Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed was a wise Muslim king of Baghdad. One day when he was holding court, Qazi of the city brought a disputed case before him. In fact two persons claimed the same horse. One of them was a beggar while other was a rich man. Qazi was unable to decide the case, so he brought it before the caliph for decision.

Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed asked the rich man for presenting facts. The rich man told him that, while he was riding to the city on the horse, the lame fellow made a request to him for lift up to the city gate. When they reached the city gate, the beggar refused to get down and claimed that horse was his.

Then the beggar told his story. He said that, as he was riding his horse to the city that morning, the rich man tried to borrow his horse. As he was stranger for him, so he could not lend him his horse, but gave him ride up to the city gate. On reaching the city gate rich man refused to get down and claimed that horse was his.

Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed asked both of them to touch the horse, one by one. At first the beggar touched the horse. On his touch it winced, the horse expressed its pleasure by neighing when the rich man touches it. The caliph gave his decision that horse belonged to rich man.

A Letter to Father for Permission to go On a Picnic

Examination Hall,

22nd March, 2003.

My Dear Father,


Some of my friends have planned a picnic to Moen-Jo-Daro the ancient civilization of the world on next Sunday. We had always been longing to see it. So, I want to join my friends on this trip. I am sure that trip will prove fruitful for me.

I hope that you will allow me to go on picnic to Moen-Jo-Daro.

With best regards,

Yours loving Son

X. Y. Z.

A Letter to Friend to Lend You a Camera

Examination Hall,

16th March, 2003.

My Dear Friend,


You will surely be happy to learn that some friends of my class are going to Muree for three days visit. I am also going with them. You know I am very fond of taking photographs. Although I have my own camera but it is out of order. I have heard that there are so many charming scenes at Muree.

I want to capture those scenes and other happy moments of visit in the eye of camera. So please lend me your camera for some days. Dear I know it is very costly but I assure you of it’s safe and early return.

With best wishes

Yours Sincerely

X. Y. Z.

A Letter to Friend Condoling Him Mother’s Death

Examination Hall,

19th March, 2003.

My Dear Friend,


I am greatly grieved to hear the sad news of your mother’s death. The news came to me as a bolt from the blue. For a few seconds I was completely upset and could not believe that she had departed from this world. She was a very gentle, pious, affectionate and God-fearing lady. She had saintly qualities and sweet manners and was always ready to do well to others. She loved me as her son and took keen interest in my well-fare. Her death is such a loss that it can not be made good. You must be feeling this loss badly. Nothing but time alone can soother your sorrow. Have patience and bear this loss with courage. My all sympathies are with you.

May God grant peace to the departed soul?

Yours Sincerely,

X. Y. Z.

A Letter to Uncle Thanking Him for Sending You a Wrist Watch on Your Birthday as a Present

Examination Hall,

17th March, 2003.

My Dear Uncle,


It was very kind of you to send me such a valuable present on my birthday. It is also very kind of you to remember that today is my birthday. This gift of yours will always remind me of your love.

Your choice of a wrist watch as a birth day present is simply amazing. I was badly in need of time keeper. I had no watch so far. I could not regulate my timings in studies, in taking rest or utilize my spare time without it. Now that I have got it, it will make me punctual and stand me in good stead during the examination days.

I have shown this pretty wrist watch to my friends and they have liked it very much. You must have spent a good amount to buy it. I shall take good care of it.

Thanking you once again.

Yours affectionately

X. Y. Z.

A Letter to Friend to Lend You Bike for a Week’s Time

Examination Hall,

16th March 2003.

My Dear Friend,


I am OK here and hope that this letter will find you in best of your moods. As my mother is ill and I have to go to the doctor to bring medicines for her. Doctor’s clinic is long away from my house and my Bike is out of order. So I go there on foot. Would you be kind enough to lend me your Bike for one week? I will use it with great care.

Please hand it over to my brother the bearer of this letter.

Hoping to be obliged.

Yours Sincerely

X. Y. Z.

A Letter to Friend Congratulating Him on His Success in the Examination

Examination Hall,

17th March 2003.

My Dear Friend,


Surely you will be in a very happy mood as you have been declared pass in A-1 Grade at S. S.C. part II annual examination. Dear my heart is brimming with joy since I have heard the news of your brilliant success. May God grant you such more joys and successes in future? Dear accept my heartiest and cordial congratulations on this auspicious occasion.

Dear you know that this age is the age of competition. I mean you will have to go up and up to win the competition. So dear, work hard for your bright future.

Pay my compliments to your parents.

With best wishes,

Yours Sincerely

X. Y. Z.

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