Sunday, December 13, 2009

Suggestions for Solution of Juvenile Delinquency in Pakistan

Suggestions as well as Remedies

1. We can control over population by increasing our income and popularizing population planning in our society. It is very much unfortunate that inspire of our best efforts we have not been able to have substantial results of population planning. This system is unique and it can work very well as it has very successfully been executed in our brother Muslim country Indonesia so fault is in between the lines. We should try to find out the weak point of this system. I am sure that must be in the implementation and not in the system by itself. Once the trend is set then the problems of over-population can be solved easily.

2. Politics and especially party-politics in educational institutions have given a great damage to all of us. Students instead of seeking knowledge turn to the vested interests of politicians and ruin themselves. Students must be kept away from the active politics. This would enable us to keep them on right track.

3. Films, TV, VCR, Radio, Magazines, Journals and Press can play a dominating role in revolutionizing the society and easily bring about a very healthy change soon. These are very powerful Medias and have a far reaching influence over the public.

4. Child-labour must be prohibited by the state very strictly. Child-labour is one of the factors which ultimately lead them to juvenile delinquency. State should take the responsibility of loading and boarding of the orphans so that they may not indulge in this evil.

5. Such customs, traditions which are in no way useful for the society must be discouraged and cut-down. It should also be the prime duty of the parents that they should not impose their will on their children unnecessarily. Rather the will of the children if correct must be respected.

6. Play and play-grounds must be increased in almost all the big cities of Pakistan so as to make our youth sound and healthy. Today in the whole of world games have taken a shape of modern science and no country can thin of avoiding it.

7. Psychology is that branch of science which deals with mental problems of human beings. Both here in Pakistan we have not given this subject its proper place. Thus we are unable to understand the inner problems of a child. Children at various stages need psychotherapy. We can learn all this when we study psychology in detail.

8. In our country there is a lack of marital adjustment. It will not be out of point here that at least 50% marriages which take place are without mutual consent or even mutual understanding. With the result they fail very soon and create many problems for their innocent children. There is no doubt in it that it all happens due to the lack of information and un-education. Moreover, the people of the rural areas are still under the yoke of old customs and traditions which add more to their problems.

9. It is the utmost duty of the government to provide basic facilities of life to the “Karachi Abadis” so as to make their living convenient for them. This would certainly curtail the rapid growth of juvenile delinquents in such areas.

10. Finally I may request those parents, who for the sake of earning more money leave their families behind in lurch and go abroad while doing so they actually loose their families permanently. Their children feel unprotected and unchecked. They become an easy prey to the evils of society. Our younger generation is our future. Are we ready to sacrifice our future just for the sake of few chips? This question needs your attention.


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