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The United Nations (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: When were the United Nations Organization founded and (briefly) what inspired its foundation?

Ans: The United Nations Organization was founded in April 1945. inspiration of its foundation was the desire of the people all over then world for peace because people all over the world were disgusted with miseries brought about by the second world war.

Q.2: How successful has the United Nations Organization been, so for in preventing local wars?

Ans: Preventing was is difficult. It is a part of high politics. The United Nations succeeded in a few cases in bringing peace where there was no peace. But in great many cases it has failed to prevent local wars.

Q.3: What part of the work of the United Nations appears, so far to have yielded the most promising results?

Ans: The work of the United Nations in solving social and economic problems has yielded the most promising results.

Q.4: What are the more important differences between the General Assembly and the Security Council?

Ans: The General Assembly consist of all members of the United Nations while the Security Council consists of fifteen members. Five of these are permanent members those are China, France, UK, Russia and the USA of the other ten three each year are elected by General Assembly for two year terms. The General Assembly elects its president for each session while Security Council works as its cabinet. The General Assembly members have no veto power while five permanent member of Security Council have veto power.

Q.5: What is the designation of the Chief Officer of the United Nations, for how long is he appointed and by whom is the appointed?

Ans: The designation of the Chief Officer of the United Nations is Secretary General. He is appointed for a period of five years and is elected by General Assembly with the approval of the Security Council.

Q.6: How large staffs are employed by the Secretariat and where does it work?

Ans: The UN Secretariat has staff of about 3500. They work at the head quarters of UN.

Q.7: What is the function of International Bank?

Ans: International Bank lends money to member nations for carrying though some work of public importance and usefulness.

Q.8: Who do the initials W H O stand for and what is the function of this organization?

Ans: The initials W H O stand for World Health Organization. W H O advises member countries on public health and on the control of diseases.

Q.9: What do the initials F A O stands for and what is the function of this organization?

Ans: The initials F A O stand for Food and Agriculture Organization. It advises member nations on the ways to enhance production in agriculture sector.

Q.10: What is the function of UNESCO?

Ans: The function of UNESCO is to advance education, science and culture in order to promote human welfare.

Q.11: Who do the initials of UNICEF stand for and what is the function of this organization?

Ans: The initials of UNICEF stand for United Nations International children’s Emergency Fund. It specializes in the relief of children.

Q.12: What were the conditions which obliged the people of the world to found U N O?

Ans: During second world war millions of people had been killed and wounded. The property worth of millions of pounds has been destroyed. Millions of people had been made homeless. Millions suffered from poverty, hunger and disease. That was the time when man wanted peace, good will and brother hood on the earth. These were the condition which obliged the people of the world to found U N O.


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