Monday, October 12, 2009

Silence (Summary)

Silence is against man’s nature. Man begins his life with a cry and ends it in silence. It is evident that silence is not life but death. Silence is fearful phenomena. Man starts conversation in order to avoid silence. We talk for the sake of talking. Sympathy is key to successful conversation, therefore, weather becomes a nice subject to talk about. We visit country side not in search of silence but we want to hear the noises of different type. We love to hear the noise of birds there because they are no less talkative than women.

We like noise because it is sign of companion ship. When author was child he loved to hear even the ticking of the clock in his bedroom.

There is no doubt that the certain sounds seem fearful at night. This is not because there is any thing bad in them, but because they break to the stillness that reigns all around. In fact darkness of the night would loss half its terror if nature could manage to fill it with all the day time noises.

Complete silence produces a feeling of awe even in day light. Even an immortal person would be afraid to live the world if it were full of silence.

There must be at least the noise of a few birds or animals endure ones solitude with philosophy. We speak of silence of grave and it is a fact with out noise the world would be no better than a grave.

Occasionally how ever, we enjoy awfulness of silence. It is majestic, the view of London seen from Westminster Bridge in silence of dawn moved Wordsworth with majesty unknown in the busy clamour of the noon.

The effect of silence has been recognized by some religious bodies. Mystics have claimed that mankind can know the secret of life through silence. Certainly noisiness could not pay to increase the wisdom of man the clear example of the majestic effect of silence is two minutes silence on the “Armistice Day” observed on the November 11th, every year.


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