Sunday, October 11, 2009

Science and Scientists (Summary)

A common man has no idea what Science is. According to him the subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy is science. He is not quite sure whether engineering or medicine is science or not. But he is quite sure that art, religion and politics are not science at all. He can not even define term science, not any scientist finds time to give the definition of term science. When a scientist says that some work is unscientific he means that it is inexact or it is badly arranged. He also means that the conclusions are not correctly arrived at or they are influenced by personal prejudices. By scientific work the scientists mean that which is as exact as possible and is properly arranged.

In fact science is vast collection of clearly expressed facts, the truth of which can be tested when one wished to do so. It is also a collection of laws and rules which express the connection between these facts. In the old days when men acquired knowledge in a careless and irregular manner and believed in other people’s statements with out testing knowledge made negligible progress. Once they began to test the facts by doing experiments, science began to progress.


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