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The Miracle of Radio (Summary)

Scientists like the British Maxwell, German Hertz and Italian Marconi have prophesied, discovered and exploited the wireless. Taking advantage of the invention of wireless Marconi invented the instrument which made to put the ideas of sending wireless waves to practical use.

James Clerks Maxwell who was born in 1831 out forward the theory that light and electricity are parts of the same thing. This theory of Maxwell was based on mathematical calculations. It was later observed that light waves and electricity waves moved at the same speed. He believed that signals can’t be sent without use of wire.

Heinrich Hertz a German made laboratory tests with short frequency electric waves to prove that Maxwell theory was correct. These waves were name Hertzian waves after him and they established the possibility of wireless communication. In 1894 Lodge showed that it was practicable.

Gugliemo Marconi experimented with a Morse Telegraph key and Telephone receiver and received the signal from one place to the other with out any wire, the standing aerial doubted the strength of wireless waves.

In 1896 Marconi went to England and presented his invention to the British Government. In 1897 the Marconi wireless Telegraph company was founded there. The postal Department, the Navy and the Press gradually became interested in this invention.

In 1903 Marconi Successfully transmitted wireless signal over long distances and showed that earth’s curve did not interfere with these waves.

In 1924 Marconi managed to direct wireless in a straight line. The invention opened up new vistas. After that it became possible to receive and send wireless waves carrying speech sound rather than sound signal. This led to the invention of radio.

Another scientist Baird invented the method of sending pictures by radio waves. That was the beginning of the television.

Another development of wireless waves is radar. It has made air traffic sage by making it possible to locate air craft.

One of the latest developments of wireless is radio telescope. The invention is based on the discovery that starts emit wireless waves. The radio telescope has made the exploration of universe possible.


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