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The Miracle of Radio (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: At what speed do wireless waves move? What other waves move at this speed?

Ans: The wireless waves move at the speed of 299792.5 Kilometres per second. The light waves also move at the same speed.

Q.2: Why were wireless waves once called Hertzian waves?

Ans: Wireless waves were once called Hertzian waves because Heinrich Hertz, the German scientist was the first person who discovered these waves.

Q.3: In what years were wireless signals first transmitted over the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean? Who was responsible for these successful experiments?

Ans: The wireless signals were first transmitted over the English Channel in 1896 and across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901. Marconi was responsible for both of these successful experiments.

Q.4: What facts are given in the text about the first use of wireless to bring help to a ship in distress?

Ans: When the Liner Republic collided with another ship in Atlantic Ocean, wireless signals were, for the first time used to seek help.

Q.5: Could speech be transmitted in the early days of wireless signalling? If not how were messages transmitted?

Ans: No, speech could not be transmitted in the early days of wireless signalling. The Morse code was sued instead of speech.

Q.6: During what period did sound broadcasting became generally established?

Ans: Sound broad casting became generally established in 1920’s.

Q.7: In what way is television an advance upon sound broad-casting?

Ans: Television is an advance upon sound broadcasting since pictures and not just sound can be sent by it.

Q.8: Is television in colour possible? If so, why is it not in general use?

Ans: Television in colour has been made possible. It is not in general use because it is expensive.

Q.9: What is the function of Radar?

Ans: The function of Radar is to locate position of aircraft ship.

Q.10: What use can the astronomer make of radio?

Ans: The astronomer can now explore the vast universe by the use of radio telescope. It works by detecting radio waves sent by distant stars.


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September 28, 2014 at 7:26 AM

there is an mistake in question NO.5 answer (the Morse code was sued) not the Morse code used is right

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May 18, 2016 at 7:34 AM

actually the wireless signals were transmitted to the english channel in 1899

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Good answers thanks.

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