Friday, September 4, 2009

A Village Fair

Bilal lived in a city and during the summer vacation he decided to go some where, because he got tired of the city life. He decided to pay a visit to his cousin Zubair in the village. It was just by the chance that when Bilal reached the village annual fair was being held in the village. The village was decorated with buntings and colourful flags. He found many shops there, where many people were making shopping. There were so many events there, every one was enjoying the event according to his taste and age. Children were gathered around merry – go – rounds and swings. There was a drum competition also. They also saw a dog and bear fight. They saw a monkey show. A clever monkey was copying an angry husband it also played many other tricks to amuse the people.

The conjurers, jugglers and rope dancers showed their interesting tricks and people were delighted to see such tricks. Bilal then saw horse races, dog races, tent pegging and such other sports.

There were many other things to see but both friends felt tired and turned home ward.


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