Friday, September 25, 2009

VACUOLE (Short Note)

Vacuoles are non protoplasmic liquid filled cavities in the cytoplasm and are surrounded by a membrane called the tonoplast. Tonoplast is selectively permeable; it allows certain substancesto enter in the vacuole. They are clear in plant cells. They are prominent in nature cells. They are filled with cell sap and act as store house, which often plays role in plant defence, which is necessary for plant cell enlargement. Plant vacuoles sometimes act as lysosome as they contain hydrolytic enzymes and after death of cells tonoplast lose its differential permeability and its enzyme causes lysis of the cell. Vacuole is filled with a fluid called cell sap which is water containing large number of soluble chemical substances such as inorganic salts, organic acids, soluble carbohydrates e.g. sugar, soluble proteins, and amino acids and in certain cells mucilage, anthocyamins, tannins, latex and alkaloids in varying proportions. The vacuole is this a tiny reservoir of the cell from which the cytoplasm draws water and other material according to its need.

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fair...some points are missing...!!!

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