Monday, September 7, 2009

There’s a Good Time Coming (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: Do you agree with the poet that a good time is coming? (Give answer in 50 words)

Ans: Yes, I do agree with the poet that a good time is coming. Because I have observed sense of realization in every nation of the world. For example even the super powers of the world admit that war is an evil thing, there must be peace all over the world. Fight against terrorism is the slogan of the day. People are talking at world forums against the exploitation and evil customs. We hope, that good time will come very soon.

Q.2: What future does the poet promise for us? Does he expect us to make some effort for achieving it? (Give in answer in about 50 words)

Ans: The poet promises us that in near future there will be peaceful, glorious and happy period. People will hate war. During that period there will be no wars and conflicts between nations of the world, they will not fight against one another for power and domination. There would be no human killings for the sake of false glory. Poet asks us to come forward and extend helping hand to one another. In this way the good time will come very soon.


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