Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shopping (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: Why did mother ask Najma and Ajmal to go with her shopping?

Ans: Mother asked Najma and Ajmal to go with her for shopping. Because their father was not at home, he was on tour, and it was beginning of the month. They had run out of groceries and provisions.

Q.2: How much fare did the taxi driver demand?

Ans: The taxi driver demanded twenty five rupees as fare.

Q.3: What did mother tell the taxi driver?

Ans: Mother told taxi driver that she would pay him fifteen rupees.

Q.4: Where did mother and children go first for shopping?

Ans: Mother and children went to the mutton market first for shopping.

Q.5: What is the difference between beef and mutton?

Ans: Beef is the meat of cows and calves, where as mutton is that of goats and sheep.

Q.6: What did mother buy at the butchers shop?

Ans: Mother bought one kilo of leg and one kilo of minced meat at the butchers shop.

Q.7: Where did mother go after making purchases at the butchers?

Ans: After making purchases at butchers mother went to the fruit and vegetable market.

Q.8: How did mother buy bananas and apples?

Ans: Mother bought bananas at the rate of fifteen rupees for ten and apples twenty rupees a kilo.

Q.9: What did mother buy last of all?

Ans: Mother bought two dozens of eggs and one kilo of dressed chicken last of all.

Q.10: How far is the market from the house of Najma and Ajmal?

Ans: Market is two kilometres from the house of Najma and Ajmal.

Q.11: What did mother ask the children to do when they had reached back home?

Ans: Mother asked Ajmal to polish his own and Najma’s shoes and Najma to iron the clothes.


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