Saturday, September 5, 2009

Profession (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: What does “Akhund” mean?

Ans: “Akhund” means a teacher.

Q.2: How does a teacher fulfil God’s command?

Ans: A teacher fulfils God’s command by reading God’s words written on the human heart of in the Holy Book or in Nature.

Q.3: What are the qualities of a teacher?

Ans: Following are the qualities of a teacher.

(a) He must love and appreciate his profession, and give preference to the welfare of students.

(b) He must have thirst for knowledge. He must be ready to learn from any and every one.

(c) He must try to incorporate truth, beauty and goodness in life.

(d) He must practise what he preaches.

Q.4: Why is fish important for us?

Ans: Fish is important for us because it is an important source of our food and it also provides an opportunity of job to million of people.

Q.5: What are different modes of fishing?

Ans: There are two modes of fishing. One is inland or fresh water fishing and second is sea or marine fishing.

Q.6: Why do people like fresh water fish?

Ans: People like fresh water fish, because it is tastier.

Q.7: Where is marine fishing done in Pakistan?

Ans: In Pakistan marine fishing is done in Arabian Sea along the coast.

Q.8: What are the dangers of marine fishing?

Ans: The dangers of marine fishing are rough weather and storms.


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