Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phenotype (Short Note)

All the physical appearances by which recognize an individual are together known as phenotypes. For example rabbit has specific shape and structure which includes so many characteristics i.e. length of legs, length of ears, length of tail, mouth, abdomen, thorax etc: and overall body shape. Almost of all the animals, plants, bacteria and viruses are bio-chemically very similar. Therefore we can say that the phenotype may be visual, microscopic, structural, fundamental or biochemical i.e. phenotype of metabolism of the process of photosynthesis, the transmission of nerve impulse along the nerve fibres, muscular contraction, blood circulation the development of secondary sexual characters and the photoperiodism and the fall of leaves in some trees are examples of physiological phenotypes. Phenotype may be of reproductive capacity. Reproduction may be at molecular level, cellular level (gametes) or individual level. Phenotype is combination of many features which together contribute to the characteristic phenotype of an individual.

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