Friday, September 4, 2009

The Ministeral Boy (Summary)

The poet praises the role of a Musician boy who was patriot in the true sense. Ministeral boy was an Irish patriot; he was fighting for the freedom of Ireland against England. The boy had two things with him his father’s sword and a wild harp. No doubt he was an artist but for the freedom of mother land he was in first rows of army. He says no matter the world betrays Ireland but at least one sword of Ministeral boy is there to defend it and his harp to praise it. The boy was wounded during the course of war and fell down. Before his death he tore apart the strings of his harp, so that it may not be touched and played by the impure hands of enemy. As its music was only for free people so it might not sin in slavery. This shows his love for liberty of soul and art.


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