Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Things (Solved Excercises of the Book)

B. Exercise

Q.1: There is a proverb in Urdu and Sindhi which expiesses the thought contained in the first verse. What is it?

Ans: In Sindhi it is:

In Urdu it is:

Q.2: Write five lines about a little act ok kindness done by you, and the result of it.

Ans: There is an old man in our neighbour. No one is to work for him. One day he fell ill as I got news I went to fetch a doctor for him. Doctor treated him and he recovered from illness by the grace of God. In return old man prayed to God for my prosperity and well being.

Q.3: Do you remember a time when you were sad but became happy when some one spoke kindly to you. Describe in a few lines.

Ans: Last summer my class fellows arranged a visit to Ziarat. Prior to it I collected an amount of Rs. 2000 for that trip. When I went to get my collected money it was missing. I become quite sad. My elder brother came and asked the reason for being gloomy. I told him about missing amount he comforted me with kind words and helped me in finding the money.


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