Monday, September 28, 2009

Law of Segregation (Short Note)

The factors for contrasting characters remain associated in pairs in the somatic cells of each plant throughout its whole life. Later in its life history when spores (and subsequently gametes) are formed as a result of reduction division, the factors located in homozygous chromosomes become separated out and each of the four spores (and gametes) will have only one factor (tallness or dwarfness) of the pair but not both i.e. a gamete becomes pure for particular character. This law is also called law of purity of gametes. Mendel also experienced on other pairs of alternative characters and he found that in every case the characters followed the same scheme of inheritance. Thus in the garden pea he discovered that coloured flower was dominant over white flower; yellow seed over green seed and smooth seed over wrinkled seed.

Law states that ‘the genes or factors representing a pair of contrasting characters, when brought together by the union of two gametes coexist in the cells of the offspring and later become separated in the gametes, so that each male or female gamete carries only one gene for a member of the pair but never both.

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