Friday, September 4, 2009

King Faisal

Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia was born in 1907. He received religious education from his maternal grand father Shaikh Abdullah bin Abdul Latif. He had qualities of heart and head. He started his career as governor of Hajaz. Then he was appointed foreign Minister and Prime Minister. When his elder brother falls seriously ill he was chosen as king by the Council in 1964. He liked his people and ruled the country in very successful manner. He increased the produce of petroleum for development of his country. He established various factories in his country. He opened schools and hospitals. He brought vast area of desert under cultivation.

As he was true Muslim, so his strong desire was to unite Muslims of the world. He tried his best to achieve that goal. He was against the state of Israel and helped the Arab countries in their war against Israel.

King Faisal was sincere friend of Pakistan. He always helped Pakistan in difficult times.

He was killed by his nephew on 25 March 1975. His death was mourned by the entire Muslim world.


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