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King Faisal (Solved Excercises of the Book)

B. Learn the spellings and meanings of the following words from the lesson and use ten of them in the sentences of your own.

Late, education, maternal, affairs, govern, later on, several, gain, resign, devoted, according to, progress, develop, pilgrim, unity, effort, spread, network, assault.

1. Late: Late Ayoub Khuhro was Chief Minister of Sindh.

2. Education: Our standard of education is decreasing.

3. Maternal: She lives with her maternal uncle.

4. Affairs: Foreign minister is at home in external affairs.

5. Govern: It is difficult to govern a large country.

6. Later on: Later on my brother left the office.

7. Several: We have visited him on several occasions.

8. Gain: I shall gain benefit from your knowledge.

9. Resign: Minister is intending to resign.

10. Devoted: He is my devoted friend.

11. According to: According to my knowledge he is lazy.

12. Progress: Your progress is not satisfactory.

13. Develop: We should develop our country.

14. Pilgrim: Pilgrim wears a single sheet of cloth at Hajj.

15. Unity: Unity is need of the day.

16. Effort: Our efforts should be directed towards development of Pakistan.

17. Spread: The chain was spread across the road.

18. Network: Intelligence network of America has failed.

19. Assault: Police officer was killed in an assault.

C. Make nouns from the following words.

Word Noun

Born Birth

Educate Education

Resign Resignation

Move Movement

Rule Ruler

Govern Government

Serve Service

Visit Visitor

Die Death

Develop Development

D. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the words given in the lesson.

1. Faisal started taking interest in the affairs of state.

2. He received religious education from his maternal grand father.

3. He helped his father in governing the country.

4. He was made governor of Hijaz when he was only twenty.

5. Later on he served as Saudi Foreign Minister.

6. He also had the opportunity of holding the command of the Armed Forces of his country.

7. After the death of King Abdul Aziz his eldest son Saud became the kin.

8. Faisal was made the crown prince and Prime Minister in 1958.

9. Saudi Arabia was in serious difficulties at that time.

10. Faisal used his wisdom and intelligence to overcome these difficulties.

F. Composition:

Q.1: Write ten lines on King Faisal.

Ans: King Faisal was born in 1907. He was the second son of King Abdul Aziz. He received religious education from his maternal grand father Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Latif. He was made Governor of Hijaz when he was only twenty. Later on he served as Saudi Foreign Minister. He was made crown prince and Prime Minister in 1958. In 1964 he was chosen as King by the Council of Ministers. King Faisal ruled Saudi Arabia wisely and justly. In his reign Saudi Arabia made great progress in every sector of economic and social life. He died in an assault in 1975.

Q.2: Write ten lines of King Faisal’s efforts to unite the Muslims.

Ans: Indeed King Faisal was a true Muslim. He wanted to unite the Muslims of the world. He made great efforts to unite the Muslims living in various countries of the world. He helped the Arabs in their war against Israel. He tried his best to get back the Arab territories under the occupation of Israel. He made the Muslims conscious of the need of brother hood. He was interested in activities of the Islamic summit conference. He took personal efforts to bring the Muslim countries on the plate form of OIC. He was equal partner of Pakistan in holding Islamic Summit Conference at Lahore in 1974. He always extended generous help to poor Islamic countries.

G. Insert one of the adverbs in brackets.

1. I can come by 6 o’ clock at the “earliest”.

2. He must be back home by 9 o’ clock at the “latest”.

3. “Later” they settled along the banks of river.

4. “Earlier” they wandered from place to place.


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