Friday, September 4, 2009

From a Railway Carriage (Summary)

In this poem poet shares his experience of his first railway journey. He has been amazed by the speed of the train. He says that speed of train is faster then the speed of fairies and witches. It runs so fast that the bridges, houses, rows of thorny plants and ditches pass by in a moment.

It goes forward as quickly as army soldiers attack the enemy in the battle field. The train runs through common grassy lands where horses and cattle are grazing. All the sights pass as quickly as drop of train follows another drop. Many colourful buildings of stations appear and disappear in a glance due to the speed of train.

Poet sees a child climbing up steepy ground. He moves with difficulty and gathers black barriers. He also sees a homeless person looking at the train with amazement. He sees some ladies making garlands of daisies in a common grassy village land. In the middle of road there was cart with load. Due to heavy load it was moving awkwardly. The cart man was sitting on the load. He also sees a river and a floor mill. All these scenes appeared and disappeared in a very short moment.


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