Friday, September 4, 2009

Dignity of Work

One day Akhtar came late from the school and he was in angry mood. When mother enquired of him, he did not answer. At the lunch time his uncle Mr. Inayat came to visit them. At the enquiry of his uncle he explained that, social work week was being observed in his school and his teacher asked him to do inferior work. Mr. Inayat asked him whether their teacher did any work. He told him that his class teacher swept the class room and Head Master cleaned the bath room. Mr. Inayat told him that when his teacher had not felt insulted by doing inferior work, he should not have any cause for grumbling. Then he gave the example of the Holy Prophet (peace by upon him) who felt pride in doing work with his own blessed hands. He further told him that his companion were also like him. Hazrat Abu Bakar worked for widows and old neighbour. Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali did labour work. Hazrat Fatima did house hold work with own hands. Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz refused to hire a servant to help his wife.

Sultan Nasir-uddin earned his living by making caps and Emperor Aurangzeb by transcribing Holy Quran.

Their uncle also told them that in China and America people do not feel shame in doing inferior work. Even high officials do so.

After hearing such things Akhtar also realized his mistake and promised that he would not feel shame in doing work with own hands.


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