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Dignity of Work (Solved Excercises of the Book)

B. Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words from the lesson and use ten of them in sentences of your own.

Cross, repaired, favourite, treat, swept, ashamed, trench, odd, mended, fetched, example, human beings.

1. Cross: I am not cross.

2. Repaired: Carpenter repaired the table.

3. Favourite: Fried fish is my favourite food.

4. Treat: We should treat our servants kindly.

5. Swept: Sweeper, swept the street early in the morning.

6. Ashamed: He was ashamed to see his father cleaning the bathroom.

7. Trench: The boy fell in the trench.

8. Odd: It is odd to work in presence of servants.

9. Mended: Cobbler mended their shoes.

10. Fetched: He fetched goat from the village for me.

11. Example: We should follow the example of Holy men.

12. Human beings: Whole the human being is off spring of Adam.

C. For each word in list “A” find a word or phrase of similar meaning in list “B”.


Cross Angry

Reason Cause

Pleasant Friendly

Surprised Astonished

Favourite Specially liked

Treat Behave towards some body

Noble Showing high character

Fetched Went for and brought back

Advanced Developed

F. Composition:

Q.1: Imagine that you are having the social service week at your school. Describe in a paragraph of ten sentences how you and your guide cleaned and decorated the class room.

Ans: During the last month we arranged social service work in our school. All the teacher and students participated in it. First of all every class was asked to clean and decorate their own class. We took special care in cleaning our class. First of all we swept our class room. The class teacher who was our guide was also present during that he helped us in cleaning the class room. After sweeping the class we washed the floor, the windows and door. After it we dusted the desks, chair and table. Our teacher took special interest in cleaning the cup-board where holy Qurans were kept. After completing the cleaning we decorated the class room with beautiful pictorial charts.


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