Monday, September 7, 2009

The Customs of various Regions of Pakistan (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: What sorts of people are the Pathans?

Ans: The Pathans are strong and warlike people.

Q.2: What food do they like?

Ans: They like roasted meat and Chapli Kababs.

Q.3: How does a tribe’s man announce the birth of a son?

Ans: A tribe’s man announces the birth of a son by rifle shots.

Q.4: Why does he announce it?

Ans: He announces it because in tribal society birth of a son is considered blessing for the family.

Q.5: Why is the Punjab called the seat of learning?

Ans: The Punjab is called the seat of learning because a large number of schools, colleges and other educational institutions is there from ancient times.

Q.6: Which is university that existed in Pakistan about 2500 years ago?

Ans: The Julian University of Taxila existed in Pakistan about 2500 years ago.

Q.7: Where do Punjabi farmers sit in the evening?

Ans: The Punjabi farmers sit in the choal in the evening.

Q.8: What is the result of extreme weather on the lives of the Balochis?

Ans: The extreme weather makes lives of the balochis quite difficult. They could not live in mountains in the extreme cold, they came down from the mountains in winter and go back to their homes in winter.

Q.9: In Balochi wedding who feasts the guests of both the bride and groom?

Ans: In Balochi wedding the groom feasts his own and bride’s guests. The food is brought along with Barat.

Q.10: How old is the civilization of valley of Mehran?

Ans: The civilization of valley of Mehran existed 2500 B.C. it means it is 5000 years old.

Q.11: Who are the famous saints of Sindh?

Ans: The famous saints of Sindh are Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.

Q.12: What are the famous crofts of Sindh?

Ans: The famous crafts of Sindh are embroidery and mirror work.


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