Friday, September 4, 2009

An African Village

Nigeria is the biggest country of West Africa. It is very thickly populated. The people of Nigeria are farmers. They live in villages in Bush Area. There are dozen to three dozen huts in a village. Those huts are scattered in bush area, so there are no roads or streets. In past a farmer’s hut had a single room. Now a days a farmers house may have two or more rooms. The walls of these rooms are made of wood and are plastered with mud. The roof of hut is still made of grass, reeds and palm leaves, some houses are circular in shape while others may be square or rectangular. The courtyard of the house is centre of their activities. Women work and cook food while children play there. There is no furniture in their houses. They sleep on mats. They use earthen pots and pans. Now they have started use of utensils made of tin and aluminium. There is no electricity, so they use logs for heating as well as lighting purpose.

They cultivate food as well as cash crops food crops include plantains, potatoes, ground nuts and pepper. The cash crops consist of oil – palm and cocoa.

There are no cattle in Nigeria, because cattle die because of a wild fly. The result is that they plough their fields with their own hands. Walk long distances and carry loads on their heads. However they keep a goat for milk and poultry for eggs.

With changing time things are changing in Nigeria. As soon as their villages are connected with roads, they will have cars and buses. They may then see radios, electricity, schools and hospitals coming to their villages.


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