Monday, August 31, 2009

The Washer Man

Washer man is one of the useful members of the society. He is one of those whom every body needs. He does great service to the society. He washes dirty clothes and helps us to look clean and tidy.

The routine of a washer man is very simple. He goes from house to house and collects the dirty clothes of his patrons and comes home. Here he puts different marks on them. There he takes clothes to stream or river on the back of donkey or on donkey cart or on Suzuki pick up. Here he beats the clothes against a stone or wooden plank. He has to stand in knee deep water in winter. In summer the sun beams fall over his bare head and in winter cold water freezes his hands and legs. After washing the clothes he spreads them in the sun to dry. His wife and children also assist him in his work. In the evening he comes home with dried clothes. After taking super he presses the washed clothes, packs them in polythen bags. Then he makes separate bundles to be delivered at various houses.

The job of a washer man is not easy. He puts his efforts to bring lost shining to clothes. The washer man works very hard, but his earnings are very small.


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