Monday, August 31, 2009

A Village Fair

Fairs are held to celebrate the festivals. Some times fairs are held to promote culture and trade. In these fairs people get to gather for merry making. In our country mostly the fairs are of religious nature. Because they are held at the tombs of the great saints on the eve of their Urs.

In a fair temporary shops or stalls are set up. People can buy all kinds of things at these shops. Because most of the villagers buy there goods at these shops.

In fair there are merry-go-rounds and see-saws for the amusement of children. Little children and villagers flock to sit in and to swing round or up and down. Some times, we see feats of rope dancers, acrobats, jugglers and wrestlers. They entertain people by performing different tricks. There is a travelling circus too, admission to which is by tickets. There people and animals perform lot of tricks.

In some fairs exhibitions are held on small scale. These exhibitions are meant to show us how we can improve agriculture by using better seeds, machines and fertilizers. A cattle market is also held on this occasion. The farmers buy and sell their goats, cows, oxen, camels and horses there.

Music is seen and heard every where in a fair. The restaurants play popular music every where. Singing parties sing the folk and pop songs in order to amuse the people. Besides musical amusement we see, horse, camel and bull races there. We also enjoy the Sindhi wrestling called Malakharo in a fair held in Sindh.

As the people gather in large crowds in a fair, many accidents take place. Some time young children are lost. Some time innocent villagers are robbed by pick-pockets also.

On the whole a fair serves very useful purpose. They encourage trade and culture. It is an event of great excitement.


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