Monday, August 31, 2009

Unity is Strength

To be together for the same cause is called union or unity. Little forces are of no use if they are divided, but when the forces of small volumes are united they are able to change the destiny of the nations.

It is a famous saying that united we stand divided we fall. It had been the reason behind the victories and defeats of all nations, communities and tribes. We can see that when the Muslims of the world were united they were invulnerable but when they weaken themselves they are not in a good position in the world community.

We can see the examples of unity in small creatures also. The birds fly in a big group for their safety, in jungles animals live in large herds in order to protect themselves from wild animals like lions, foxes and tigers. An elephant can be killed by small ants if they are united. The united labour of honey bees gives us sweet honey. Union of small drops of water makes rivers and oceans, small rays of light brighten the world.

Union has got lot of importance in our life. If we are united we can make quick progress in every sphere of life. By the magic of unity our nation can make it self famous and great.


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