Friday, August 21, 2009


Some scattered incidents of blood-letting sabotage, terrorism and chaos have accompanied the New Year in Pakistan. Not at all in unfamiliar ways have people including children in imam bargahs, mosque, trains, and on frequented roads been targeted. Mounting deaths inevitably proliferate fear. The unprecedented January 3 attempt on the prime Minister’s life has merely underscope both vulnerability and reach the vulnerability of people at all levels and the reach of those engineering sabotage and terrorism.
The distressing murder of twenty citizens at a Muzaffargarh imam bargah and the Raiwind bomb explosion merely reiterated the cyclic curse of terrorism that appears to have found root in Pakistan. In 1998 over 700 were killed in Punjab and over 500 in Karachi. The question therefore that Pakistani citizen must inevitably ask is whether they are now fated to periodic terrorism? Whether the government is competently and resolutely dealing with the problem of terrorism?
Along the way weak minded and string armed military men remained on the loose perpetuating the quick-fix brand of politics. True to general Zia-ul-Haq’s tradition, they continued to deploy men and weapons to fix’ errant politicians. All together they cooked a witch’s broth. Today deadly terrorism oozes from this broth.


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