Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remedies to Remove Defects of Money Market

1. Uniformity be brought in the policies of all financial institutions of the country and they be brought under the complete control of State Bank of Pakistan.
2. Activities of saving institutions FCP and NIT by published widely. The share holders be exempted from income tax. The people be acquainted with the securities, shares and stocks etc.
3. Branches of Banks and financial institutions be opened in the small towns and villages so that the villagers could borrow. Moreover to promote savings different schemes be introduced.
4. The banking system be modernized, the conservative banking be replaced by modern banking, and the inefficient personnel be replaced by efficient bankers and financial experts.
5. While recommending and approving the cases the feasibility of projects be entertained, rather considering the political will and affiliation. The strict policy be followed regarding recovery of old debts.
6. The cheap credit policy be followed in organised money market. In this way the unnecessary demand for loans will come to an end, the savings will be promoted end inflow of foreign capital will increase.


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