Monday, August 31, 2009

My Best Friend

A best friend is a gift of God. A best friend is a worthless asset of a person. A best friend is a sincere person on whom we can depend in the time of need. As it is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. A best friend is also source of happiness. I have also a best friend his name is X.Y.Z. He lives in my neighbour hood. He is my friend since we were studying in Primary school. We have studied together all these days. We spend most of time together in our studies and games. My best friend belongs to a very noble and rich family, but he is not proud of his father’s wealth or property. His parents are very cultured people. They love me very much whenever I go to their house. They consider me just like their son. Similarly my parents also love my friend very much.

My friend is very brilliant student. He always takes first position in class and I take second. We study with sense of competition without any tinge of jealousy. We also play together we both are considered to be the best players of cricket in our school.

He is smart and healthy fellow. He is smiling and promising boy. He is gentle and modest by nature. He has true spirit of friendship. He always says that friendship is like a fragrance, it should be spread.

Reading good books is his hobby we always exchange our books with each other. We often go for outing together. I am thankful to God who has bestowed me with gift of such sincere friend.


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