Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning Walk

Morning is the most suitable for going out for a walk. Air is cool and bracing. The atmosphere is clean, quite and free from dust I get up an hour before sunrise and go out for a walk to Public Park. On the way to park I find streets deserted. There seems calm and quite every where. The public park is about one kilo metre from my residence. When I reach the park I breathe fresh and pure air and hear the sweet chirping of birds. Many people come there in the morning. Some take exercise, some say their prayers and some walk here and there.

I say my morning prayer there. After prayer I take some light exercise and make some jogging. I enjoy every minute of morning walk. During morning walk I enjoy the beauty of nature. The scene of rising sun is very attractive. The dew drops shine like pearls in the golden rays of the sun. I return home with fresh mind. A morning walk is indeed like a pleasure trip. It makes me active and cheerful throughout the day. I feel very dull when I miss the morning walk. It is useful for all whether old or young. It is essential for healthy mind and healthy body.


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