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Inter-Relationship of Educational Institutions

Family and Education Institutions – This relationship has already been discussed in detail in chapter ‘Social Structure’.
Economy and Educational Institutions – The economic system of Pakistan society supports all its institutions. The educational institutions get all economic resources from economic institutions. The expenditure of building, furniture, books, laboratory equipment, the salary of teaching and administrative staff and the examining the bodies is made from the national and provincial budgets.
The educational institutions provide education and techniques of handling commercial, business and financial matters. All the economic institutions are being run on economic technology, provided by educational institutions.
Politics and Educational Institutions – Politics is a social science which is taught in educational institutions. At a limited scale it is prescribed in these institutions when the students are asked to elect their office bearers and representatives.
Politics itself requires the help of teaching institutions in transmitting it to the coming generation. Education refines politics in the light of social requirements and pushes on the young students for preservation.
Politics, on the other hand, tries to control the educational institutions when their students come out on roads and create disturbance in society. The students interfere in political matters of the government by protests, rallies, strikes and other mob activities. In this way both the institutions interplay with each other in our society.
Religion and Educational Institutions – The educational institutions play similar role to that of religious institution in character building and inculcating religious and cultural values in the young generation. Both the institutions deal with students, teachers and have building, furniture and books. The difference lies in subject matter. One teaches religious books and other teaches social, psychological and physical sciences and other subjects.
Educational institutions never violate religious norms. The religious institutions help them in providing a moral standard.
Student of today is a Complex Social Product:
The student of today is a complex social product. He is challenge for the teachers. The students are socialized by the modern agencies like radio, TV, theatre, sports, cinema, world tourism, newspaper, novels, journals and other sources of information. It is very difficult to understand him and his problems. To understand him a deep insight and close observation of modern social conditions is necessary for the parents and teachers as well. If a teacher fails to understand him, the student will be rejected and fall in despair as failed in his aims. The administration will throw him out of the institution branding him incorrigible. It will be a failure for the administration and for the teacher in this challenge.
In this complex society the similar is the case being faced by physician who takes little pains in understanding the complex diseases of his patients. The patients are also developing complex diseases unable to be understood without research by the physician. He may throw him out of hospital as incurable. Such patients are challenge for the physician.
Similar is the case with labour force of the mills. The labourers are also complex persons produced out of complex industrial environment and a challenge for the mill owners. If reconciliation between the owner of the mill and the workers fails the industry and the labour both will be doomed to dashes. In this modern life it is necessary to understand such modern trends for social progress.


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