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Illiteracy has been defined as reading a paragraph of a language with understanding according to the census of Pakistan 1981. The literacy rate is about 45% and the rest of the people 55% are illiteracy according to 1998 census of Pakistan. Those people who are well – informed in modes of life are called educated. But illiteracy are those who cannot read a paragraph in any language with understanding. The difference between literacy and education is clear. In common understanding the educated people are these who have received formal education in educationally institutions.
But actually the educated people are those who understand the modes of life.
Illiteracy covers the maximum number of population in which the higher age group people fall. They have crossed the age of 40 and more. There are the people mostly living in rear are as and have their rural profession related to agriculture with the advancement of mechanized farming the labour force in rural areas became unemployed and some people are shifting to urban areas for job. Again these people are unemployed in urban areas facing problems of residence and employment. Moreover those who are literate are unable to get employment due to shortage of jobs.
Illiteracy is the problem when the people are unable to under stand new policies in agriculture which gave poor yield per acre. Illiterate people are mostly familiar with old method of cultivation and feel hesitation in adopting the new ones.
Illiteracy is a social problem because the national target could not be attained by which self – sufficiency in food not be achieved. Illiteracy is a social problem in view of failure in under standing the methods of life, the religious knowledge and values and the general information on social progress. The role they play in life without such information and knowledge are least useful.
Solution of the Problem:
The problem of illiteracy could not be solved for the last 50 years of Pakistan. All the literacy programmes provided futile although heavy financial expenditure was incurred of on them. A new idea has proved useful in the way that illiterate people can be invited to the literacy programme a place equally neutral for all, like school and union council office. The participants in the programme may be given rupees 30 to 50 daily. The teacher can be hired from the school in the evening on voluntary basis. The participants of the programme can be motivated to fixed amount of Rs. 500/= if they complete literacy programme in which basis reading and writing is sufficient. This programme takes 10 to 15 days monthly. Most of the participants are poor and this help will be actually a help in poverty and instigate them towards getting literacy education willingly. This programme will require less expenditure than the expenses made by Government in the post, in this way the amount will go directly to the poor student of literacy programme and they will tare maximum interest to make the policy 100% successful.
There are least chances of failure of this programme. If it fails in some areas the administration and the teachers are responsible for the failure. The programme is free from all defects.


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