Monday, August 31, 2009

House on Fire

It was about midnight. I was reading for my terminal tests. All family members except me were sound a sleep. Suddenly there was alarm of fire brigade. I sprang out of my chair and rushed to the windows. I saw flames and black smoke rising from a house at a short distance from our house. I cried out fire “Fire”. Every one in our house was up and out of bed. Father and I ran out of the house. We had to stop well away from the burning house which was a two story building. A big crowd had gathered on the road.

We could see the building on fire. We could hear the cries of the poor men, women, and children caught in the burning building. I prayed to God to save them all. The firemen fought the flames bravely. Ladders went up the sides of the building water was being shotout at the flames. Quickly all the inmates were brought out by the fire fighters. But they had to leave their belonging behind.

A fire brigade man did a brave deed. Through smoke and fire he made his way to top story to rescue a little child. He brought the kid out safely at last fire was brought under control by the fire brigade. The fire was put in an hour. Half of the house had been burnt to ashes. It was lucky that the fire did not spread to other houses. It was also fortunate that there was no loss of life. The loss of property was about 2, 00,000/- Rupees.


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