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Characteristics of Rural Community

A group of people living together in an area fulfilling their needs by mutual cooperation. This group may be so small as a village hamlet basti chok or a mohalla in a town or city. The condition for a group to be a community is that they live together is a leritory and fulfil the needs of their social life. It means this group I self sufficient in basic needs; they have schools, dispensary or shop of a Hakeem. They have a branch of post office nearly. A mosque with Madarsa and teaching of Quran by the Maulvi Sahib is also important institution ships providing things of daily life, a flour mill, patwar khana, agriculture office, a veterinary hospital and a union Council office are the major institutions of a rural community in our society.
The members of any group small or large, live together in such a way that they share, not this or that particular interest but the basic conditions of a common life we call that group a community”. The basic condition of the concept is that one can live a whole life within a community, i.e. city, tribe or village. It may be self – sufficient in-fulfilment of basic needs. Small communities exist within larger communities, as cities within a district, the districts within a province, the provinces within the whole state and the state within the whole world.
Characters of Rural Community:
It is that community which has mostly the following characters.
1. The population generally is small living in hamlets, chok, basti and villages of not more than 5,000 individuals.
2. This population has no administrative organisation like Municipality, civil lines or town committee.
3. This population has no modern facilities of gas, water, telephone and rail.
4. The facilities of big institutions like hospital, college, industry, hotels and telephone are usually missing.
5. Usually the agriculture profession is dominant and simple technicians support the cultivator.
6. Houses are mostly away from one another in their respective farms called farm stead settlement.
7. Most of the houses are Katcha.
8. The male and the female, the old and the young, all work in the same farm without distinction in roles on the basic of age ands ex-categories.
9. The interaction patterns are mostly inform Hukka is an important institution of recreation among the rural people of Pakistan.
10. The rate of interaction among the villagers is slow. Moreover the interaction of villagers with urban people is also rare and infrequently. By these facts social charge in their life is mostly invisible. A gain due to slow rate in interaction among themselves and with the urbanties, the rate of social mobility is slow.
11. The traditions, custom rituals and ceremonies celebrated at the occasions of happiness and sadness also show little change within decades.


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