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Causes of Over Population

Pakistan is faced with problem of over population. Over population occurs when an area’s population is too large to be supported by the available resources. Although there has been a fall in the birth rate, it is still very high in relation to resources. The high population growth is damaging several development plans for the uplift of society. In Pakistan children form an important part of the agricultural and industrial labour and therefore large families are an advantage. Early marriage also increase the span for reproductively. In Pakistan majority of the people are illiterate so they are root aware of economic distress caused by high birth rate. Family planning programmes receive strong resistance on religious grounds. For example, Muslims have a firm belief that ALLAH gives Rizq to every one therefore why we have few children? However, the increase in population is due to economic, political and social factors just like.
1. Joint Family System
2. Illiteracy
3. Early Marriages
4. Religious Beliefs.
5. Customs and Traditions.
6. Strong Desires for Sons.
7. Need for More Earning Hands.
8. Lack of Recreational Facilities.
9. Avoiding of Family Planning Measures.
Affect of Over Population on Economic Development:
The rapid population growth adversely affects the economic development of the poor and under developed countries. Following are the affects or rapid population growth on economic development.
(1) Retards Development: Due to rapidly growing population, a greater percentage of scarce resource is diverted to meet the basic consumption needs messes. Therefore, little capital is saved for investment.
(2) Social Problem: Rapidly growing population creates economic and social problem such as housing education, health, transport, water, power and urbanization.
(3) Low Per Capita Income: As the population grows it reduces per capital income of the people because when decline in per capita income.
(4) Low Living Standard: The rapidly growing population decreases per capita income and service which results in a rise of general price level and therefore living standard of the people remains very low.
(5) Pressure on Land: The rapidly growing population puts heavy pressure on land by increasing the number of landless workers and also by creating the problems of low productivity and food shortage in the country.
(6) Social Infrastructure: The rapidly increasing population of a country adds to the burden on social infrastructure of the country. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the government to provide suitable facilities of education, health, housing, water, power, transport and communication to the people.
(7) Environmental Problems: The rapid growth of population creates population, unplanned colonies and environmental damages.


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