Monday, August 31, 2009

The Camel

The Camel is a large animal of land. It is mostly found in desert area. Hence it is called ship of the desert. It has a clumsy body. It has a long neck with small head, four legs and short tail. It has a big hump on its back. It has padded feet which do not sink in the dry sand. It lives on grass and leaves of trees. It can eat thorny bushes also. It is very fond of dates. It stores food and water in its hump for future need. So it can travel three to five days without food and water.

There are two kinds of camel. One is Arabian and other is Bactrian. Arabian camels have one hump while Bactrian have two humps.

The camel is very useful animal. It is used for riding and carrying load in desert areas. It also draws carts with heavy load. The Muslims eat its flesh. Its skin is used to make shoes, belts and drums.


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