Pakistani Courts and their Defects

The function of the police is to apprehend charge and arrest the criminals and suspects. To evaluate the evidence presented before it and to decide about the guilt of the accused and to award them the punishment relative to their offence is the task of the law courts. The courts have to decide the cases and their decisions and strictly determined by the evidence brought before it by the police. Thus we find there is intimate link between court and police. The function of the two is complementary to each other.
The Indian Judiciary operates at four levels, these are hierarchical. They are:
(1) Local Courts
(2) District Courts
(3) High Courts
(4) Supreme Courts

(1) Local Courts – These are the lowest courts which are competent to give punishment and impose fines for petty cases.

(2) District Courts – These courts are higher than the local courts and appeals against the decisions of the local courts are heard by them. Serious cases come before it directly and these courts are presided over by the District judge.

(3) High Courts – In each state there is one high Court presided by the Chief Justice and having as many judges as there are courts of appeal and also take up cases directly. Mostly they are engaged in deciding the cases in which an appeal is made against the decision of the lower court. High courts are competent to issue writ. In certain cases their verdict is final but in other appeals can be made to Supreme Court against their decisions.

(4) Supreme Courts – This is the Highest Court of the country and it is a court of appeal and record. It has a chief Justice and about 15 judges. They are the men of highest judicial competence. This court hears appeals and also takes up certain cases direct. The decision of the Supreme Court can not be challenged if it has been handed down by the full bench.

Defects of Indian Judiciary
The Pakistani Judiciary is the gift of the British. The British had a policy and the judiciary mirrored. It but with the changed times this system is showing its deficiency. It needs overhaul in the light of modern conditions and needs.

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