Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cytoplasm (Short Note)

This contains the following essential requirements:
1. Mitochondria: Small, rod-like structure which are closely connected with the catabolic, or respiratory, processes of the cell body.
2. Golgi Apparatus: A canal like structure lying next to the nucleus and involved in the secretory activities of the cell.
3. Ground Cytoplasm: A highly complex colloidal material in which the other structures are embedded. It is highly concerned with the anabolic, or synthetic, activities of the cell.
4. Centrosome: A minute dense part of the cytoplasm, ling close to the nucleus. It plays an important part during cell division.

5. Cell Membrane: The cell boundary is no-static envelope. Many important functions are concerned with it, but in particular it acts as a selective sieve through which certain substances are allowed to pass into the cell, or which prevents other substances from gaining access to it. Thus it is moist important in maintaining the correct chemical composition of protoplasm.

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