Friday, November 9, 2012

Anatomy and Types of Anatomy

Anatomy can be defined as the study of structure of the body and of the relationship of its constituents parts to each other.
It is a great information cadre, which deals with lots of other definitions at the same time.
1. Regional Anatomy
2. Systemic Anatomy
3. Functional Anatomy
4. Macroscopic Anatomy
5. Microscopic Anatomy

1. Regional Anatomy: It is a geographical study made in each region of the body.
Example: Arms, Head, Chest.
2. Systemic Anatomy: It deals with the structures commonly present in all regions like bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels etc, which basically denote the presence of different systems.
3. Functional Anatomy: This deals with the functional attitude of the body which is closely related to physiology.
4. Macroscopic Anatomy: It deals with the description of the structure of body observed through naked eye.
5. Microscopic Anatomy: It’s the study of the structures of the body with the help of microscope.

Anatomy has two additional helps by Histology and Cytology.
Histology: It is the study of the fine structures of the body.

Cytology: It is the study of the cells.

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