Friday, April 27, 2012

The Role of Women in the Pakistan Movement (Summary)

The Muslim women played great role in the struggle for Pakistan. The great leaders from all over Sub-continent were in the fore front in fight for Pakistan and our women stood side by side with them. They went from house to house to raise funds for Pakistan Movement, they encouraged their men to make every sacrifice for attainment of Pakistan. They organized meetings and processions to attract the attention of world of their great cause.
Mother of Moulana Shoukat Ali and Moulana Muhammad Ali, Bi Aman proved guidance and encouragement for both brothers. Lady Muhamad Ali addressed large gatherings of Muslims dressed in burqah. Miss Fatima Jinnah made untiring efforts in looking after Quaid-e-Azam. Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan worked at secretary to her husband to save the salary. Lady Nusrat Haroon, Lady Sughra Hidayatullah, Begum Khair-unnisa Shaban, Miss Fakhr-unnisa Wali Muhammad Effendi, Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz, Begum Salma Tassaduq Hussain, Getti Ara Bashir Ahmed and counless other ladies worked in different ways for achievement of Pakistan. Their efforts for establishment of Pakistan can not be for gotten.


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