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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Miller of the Dee by Charles Mackay (Summary)

Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 24 Comments

(Charles Mackay)
There was a miller. He had a windmill. He ground the corn of the people on his wind mill and made his living. When he was at his work he sang songs to amuse him self. He sang that he was not jealous of any body and no body was jealous of him. He loved his wife and four children.
One day the King met him and asked him the cause of his happiness. The Miller frankly told him that neither he was jealous of any body nor any body was jealous of him. Again he loves his wife and children. He was neither in debt. The King was much pleased with him and remarked that the dirty cap of miller was better than his crown and his wind mill was better than his Kingdom. The King called him the pride of England.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost (Summary)

(Robert Frost)
Once a poet riding on a horse passes through the forest, where the snow was gently falling and covering it. He stops to enjoy natural beauty of the forest. The poet says that he knows forest’s owner who lives in a village. He could not see him stopping there. His horse would think it strange to stop by woods because there was no farm house between forest and lake. It was considered darkest evening of the year. The sound which he could hear was of the blowing winds and falling flakes of snow. The horse moved the bells of harness in order to confirm whether his master has made any mistake. The scene of forest was very charming but poet remembered his promise which he has to fulfil. He has yet to travel a long distance before he may go to bed.

Children by Henry Long Fellow (Summary)

(Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow)

The poet is very fond of children. The Children are source of joy and happiness to the poet. He wants to get pleasure and company of children in order to forget his worries. For him the children are source of light and life. He compares them with singing birds, running streamlets and blowing breeze. He says that as sun light air and food are necessary for the growth of a plant, so the existence of children is must for keeping world alive. Poet compares the sweet thought and feelings of the children with the busy life of grown ups. The grown ups are burdened with problems of life where as children are free of all such things. The poet thinks that without children the world would be useless, dark and freshening. He says that children are better than all the poems that have ever been composed.

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